Strand Festival: Legendary Names on the Beach

A relatively new addition to the country’s summer festival list made a name for itself with its super cool atmosphere and the quite impressive line-up that manages to tempt many festivalgoers to the pretty town of Zamárdi. Let’s see some of the biggest artists who will take care of your entertainment this summer between 23 and 26 August!

Photo by Mudra László –


The British indie pop band rose to international fame with their hit song Pompeii back in 2013, and they haven’t stopped producing their kickass beats since then. They already performed at such renowned events as the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and will surely rock the stage of Strand on 24 August!

John Newman

Love Me Again – and we will! John Newman returns to Hungary to give an astonishing concert in Zamárdi in his exquisite style and irresistibly charming voice. The 27 year old singer will perform on 26 August!

Parov Stelar

Perhaps the most well-known and highly praised representative of the electro-swing genre, the name Parov Stelar have become the synonym of the greatest combination of  jazz, house, electro and breakbeat, transforming the nostalgic sounding tunes to the modern era – on 25 August at Strand!

Icona Pop

The electropop duo coming all the way from Sweden has amazed the world with their smash hit “I Love It”, making many dance and jump around the world to their funky tunes. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo arrive to Strand on 25 August!


Mark Wilkinson, the popular British drum and bass producer and DJ have flooded us with such awesome stuff as “Afterglow”, “Half Light”, or his recent song Wash Away. He will hypnotize you completely on 23 August!

Alan Walker

The only 19-year old Norwegian DJ reach the top of the charts with a song you have been humming or whistling for many months: “Faded”. Where are you now? – you can enjoy the magnetizing sound of Alan Walker on 23 August!