Szputnyik Invites You To A Bohemian Wedding

This summer Szputnyik shop has shot an editorial with four popular representatives of alternative music: Bíborka Bocskor, Sára Herrer, Odett and Barbara Schoblocher.

Being different is often an unforgettable experience, especially when it happens with the help of Szputnyik shop. This time they have created an extraordinary fashion editorial in the philosophy of „us against the world” inviting everyone to a bohemian wedding.

In their newest photo series popular Hungarian singers, Bíborka Bocskor, Sári Herrer, Odett Polgár and Barbara Schoblocher transformed into original Szputnyik brides. The results don’t only reflect the great sense of style the girls have, but also the popular bohemian wedding vibes, the mix of hippie with avantgarde elements and eclectic playfulness. It all comes down to one single universal element that is boundless happiness.

A common message gives the basis of the cooperation with Szputnyik, and that is conscious shopping and the preference of vintage pieces that have more value. After all, art comes from the inside and we all have the right to live our very own art form through our bodies, clothes and self-representation. That is how true bohemian on-stage and everyday freedom is born, which has been represtented by the most popular vintage shop in Budapest, Szputnyik, from the very beginning.

What is Szputnyik’s world like in 2017?

It is a way of life one may enter through self-assured personal style. It is a bohemian ideology, a creative journey, and of course it means visiting festival after festival, being social and open, feeling the strong sense of community within your chosen family. It is a big family where everyone can be his true self. They are here for you whether it’s a spectacular festival attire or everyday outfit you need, or it’s your big day! Join the Szputnyik family!