The Sound of Music: 3 Fantastic Concerts in July

Besides the many parties and festivals throughout the season, Budapest doesn’t forget about those who are more into classical genres, either. Here are three great concerts you shouldn’t miss out on this summer!

Downtown Organ Concerts

“Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven.” – said Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest figures of organ music. If you would like to experience the grace of live music and the marvels of architecture, Budapest offers a wonderful a chance to discover the beauties of truly breathtaking environments while listening to pieces of extraordinary composers. Don’t miss out on the organ solo concerts on Wednesdays at 4 PM in the 2000 year old Inner City Parish Church (Budapest, V. Március 15. tér) and the Professional Choir & Organ concerts in the baroque St. Michael’s Church (Budapest, Váci utca 47.) on Saturdays at 7 PM!

Károly Nyári Concert at the Hungarian State Opera

Károly Nyári will gladden music lovers with a special concert from 8 PM on 7 July in the scenic environment of the Hungarian State Opera. Performing the masterpieces of a number of genres, from classical music to jazz, the audience can enjoy the pieces of such legendary composers as Gershwin, Legrand or Morricone. This time, the list of guest musicians will include opera singer Ilona Tokody as well as singers – and daughters of the renowned artist – Alíz and Edit Nyári. The Budapest Jazz Symphonic Orchestra will also appear on stage to make the event even more unforgettable!

Margaret Island Open-Air Stage

Some songs have simply become parts of our lives, not only making us turn on the volume of the radio, but remember those memorable movie scenes that accompanied the great tunes:  you surely remember the scenes of Flashdance while listening to the beat of Maniac, you can recall the romantic vibes of Dirty Dancing whenever you hear the first line of I Had the Time of My Life or the heartbreaking farewell in Titanic as Celine Dion sings her heart out. If you feel energized whenever your playlist hits Eye of the Tiger, this concert will sweep you off your feet: local superstars perform the famous movie songs in the breathtaking surroundings of Margaret Island’s Open-Air Stage throughout July. Enjoy the symphonic adaptation of the iconic melodies that will be accompanied by the movie scenes, as well, to make sure you get the full experience!