Two Italian Virtuoso – Neverdogs’ First Time in Hungary

Do you like electronic music? Do you want something new? Then read our interview with Neverdogs Italian duo, and listen to them on June 30 at Track Terrace!


Two Italian virtuoso met in the electronic music scene. Can we say this about you?

We’re from the same hometown, Cantanzaro, so we knew each other already but one night we played together at a club in South Italy, and after this Tommy suggested I move to Florence so that we could collaborate. So in 1998 I moved to Florence and Neverdogs was formed not long after in 2000.

Was this harmony between you two always there?,- or did it need time to get to this point?

The harmony has always been there, ever since the first time we played together. As two individuals we are very compatible and also as DJs. The bond between us has grown stronger over the years and we are sure this has contributed to our success.

Did any if you two had to give up on something in your different careers to create this big success?

We have both given up everything we possibly could to put our careers first and to make our dreams come true. The lifestyle is very demanding and so we don’t have time to invest in our personal lives. If we are not playing somewhere, we are travelling, in the studio, or at interviews and radio shows. But we are very grateful for what we have achieved and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Being Italians, we can all say that your emotional intelligence is above the average. According to this what does the electronic music scene mean to you?

For us the electronic music scene is made up of network of people who are all working very hard towards something. It is extremely important to be able to build and maintain relationships with the people in this industry because you never know where you’re next opportunity might come from.

You conquered Firenze and Italy in a very short time. How do you remember those days?

That was the beginning of everything for us – it was a period of time full of so many emotions! Everything was new to us. We kept travelling from the North to the South of Italy for our gigs and we met so many people from Italian promoters to amazing fans along the way. It was a challenging time but it was what we wanted and had been working towards.

After this The Egg in London and Ibiza came. How did the crowd receive your pulsation?

From the very first time we played in London, we received amazing feedback and the promoter was so happy with us that he asked us to return to London once a month to play. The crowd have always received our music very well, with a full dance floor and arms in the air!

Everyone knows your name these days. You attend to the biggest festivals as well as the MusicOn series. Did you need a lot of endurance or did everything happen smoothly?

We have been very fortunate with the opportunities that have been presented to us, that have got us to where we are now. In a way, everything has happened smoothly but not without a lot of patience and perseverance. There is a lot of pressure that comes with the job and there is very rarely a moment to yourself but we get to do what we love and this makes it all worthwhile.

What feeling did you have when you first played on a Marco Carola party? How do you feel, still being part of the MusicOn project?

We were so ecstatic when we first played for Music On, we will never forget that feeling! It was a huge step for us and our career. The fact that we are still a part of the Music On team now, in our 6th season, is very promising and makes us feel stronger than ever. It means that Marco Carola and his team believe in us and this is very supportive.

What are a few important things you had to do, to achieve this?

We have had to perform our best always, no matter how we were feeling at the time. At Music On our logo is ‘it’s all about the music’ so we always bring our ‘A-game’.

We’ve also spent a lot of time keeping our music up to date to make sure we keep the crowd stimulated and dancing. For sure there are certain qualities you need to have, but thats up to you to decide what they are!

Your music is being played by the biggest Dj-‘s. How much time do you spend on producing, apart from DJ-ing and travelling?

The last few years we have been very busy travelling and djing, but we always try to find time to spend in the studio. We have a studio in our house in Ibiza and we also make music while we’re travelling like on the planes or in our hotels, using our laptops and headphones. There are also opportunities to meet with other producers and visit studios whilst we are touring. In the summer we spend most of our time producing in our studio in Ibiza but even during the winter we will come back to Ibiza for a week for example to finish producing our tracks.

What does still inspire you after these many years? Especially the music writing.

We are inspired by the power of the music after all these years, it has only got stronger and stronger. Our passion for the music has also grown with this; we don’t have much time for our personal lives as we put everything we have into our music. What also inspires us is the feedback from the people that we play to, all over the world.

How would you describe in 5 words the electronic energy that your music gives to the people.

If we had to choose 5 words, they would be: rolling, uplifting, bouncy, seductive and groovy.

This is your first time in Budapest. Will you have time to have a walk in the city or is this impossible before your next-day gig in Greece?

We’ve heard from all our friends how beautiful Budapest is so we’re very excited to finally be visiting the city. In fact we are arriving a day early so that we can spend some time travelling to some of the top sights and in the evening we will enjoy Budapest’s cuisine.