Festival in the gardens of Erdőbénye

Fans of the picturesque landscape of the Tokaj wine region don’t have to wait much longer for regional treats, superb cultural events and, of course, Tokaji wines from vines growing in the volcanic lands. Bor, mámor, Bénye festival starts just next week in Erdőbénye, the heart of the region.

The organisers first dreamt about this extraordinary event in 2009 which to be presented in Erdőbénye, perhaps the most magical village of the stunning Tokaj wine region. And since then this attractive settlement known as Bénye has become the venue of this 4-day long event.

During the festival the beautiful gardens and wineries – each with its own unique style – are open to visitors who can enjoy a wide variety of events ranging from concerts and literary readings to handcraft workshops, bike and birdwatching tours. There are plenty events organized for children as well.

While visitors can taste the products of the winemakers and wineries of Erdőbénye, they can also enjoy events ranging from the contemporary to the traditional.

Here are our favourite programs of the festival:

Budaházy-Fekete Winery

Winemaker Rémusz Dávid, manager of Budaházy-Fekete Kúria, bought the mansion in 1996. Rémusz believes that nature along with a glass of wine is capable of solving all problems and creating total harmony. He will show his Furmint, Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály all from his own organic lands in Erdőbénye which he thinks everyone should experience.

Opening concert with the Erdőbénye winemakers and Magashegyi Underground concert on Thursday

The opening event of the festival is the great (re)meeting. Meet the Erdőbénye winemakers for a tasting, garden party and concert in the splendid garden of Budaházy-Fekete mansion from the afternoon onwards.

On the first night Magashegy (High Mountain) meets Hegyalja (Foothills). This Thursday evening opening party with a great wine tasting and concert promises to set the festival off in style.

Bardon Winery

Bardon Winery offers the last four vintages at Bor, mámor… Bénye, so there will be more mature nectars alongside the recently bottled ’15 Furmint and Hárslevelű. Winery manager, Ádám Molnár, particularly loves the people of Erdőbénye as well as the unique beauty of the landscape and its wonderful tranquility. People who are always helpful and lovely and to whom he is extremely grateful for accepting him as a member of the community.

Gergő Demény guitar concert on Friday at 6PM

Gergely Demény’s compositions capture the audience with their unusual sounds. Those who love dreamy, melancholic and lyrical guitar music will love Demény’s concert.

Ábrahám Winery

The wine of philisophers in the cellar of philisophers. But there is nothing to fear, although they are the successors of Rousseau, they do not wait visitors with philosophic work. They make wines close to nature – accepting all the risks associated with being close to nature. Purity characterises all their wines. The extra attraction for families is the great kindergarten music.

Tóth Evelin and Flamenco Nuevo concert on Saturday at 4.30PM

An exceptional meeting: the traditional flamenco rhythms of dance performer Mária Keck is combined with the wonderful voice and compositions of an outstanding Hungarian singer, Evelin Tóth. János Illés will be playing the guitar.

Préselő Winery

Exciting wines, great music in the garden, pleasant village atmosphere all in the heart of the village: this is Préselő Winery and Guesthouse.

Mörk concert on Saturday at 4.30PM

“Stand-Up Jazz & Philosophic Pop, whatever we call it, Mōrk is a strange yellow taste!”

Extreme Pop or Stand Up Jazz, but mainly soul-funk base with free spirit. This is Mörk. Márk Zentai (vocals), Gábor Novai (keyboards), Bálint Jason Szeifer (bass guitar) and Dániel Ferenc Szabó (drum) quickly found their way to the heart of Budapest’s underground music scene by giving concerts in living rooms and other unusual venues – and thus at Préselő Winery, too.

Karádi-Berger Winery

The Karádi-Berger couple started to make wine back in 1999, first as a hobby. They soon realised that this couldn’t be done as a hobby any more, but with full attention. Today they are not only one of the most prominent wine producers of the region but organize Bor, mámor… Bénye festival as well.

They bring a lighter selection to the festival: light, fruity Furmint-Hárs; their elegant Furmint Palandor; dry Szamorodni, a real classic Tokaji wine in a modern form; their pleasant Summer Wine, and the sweet Botrytis Selectio.

Bormámor evening on Saturday at 7.30PM

The elemental power of Evelin Tóth’s voice enchant us, János Illés brings swirling guitar tunes, the music of Mária Keck frees us all, the beat of György Dragomán’s words inspires us, while Anna Szabó T.’s wine songs, love poems and melodic verses accompany the rythms. This will be a magical evening!

Vayi Winery

One of the more recent figures in Erdőbénye is Vayi Winery of Krisztián Ungváry – a historian for a change who chose one of the most attractive buildings on the main street for the centre of his estate. You can taste excellent sweet wines, interesting drys and a special balsamic vinegar here.

Krisztián Nyáry: Real Heroes speech on Saturday at 4PM

Can someone become a hero? And if so, how? What does it actually mean to be a hero? Who do we remember and why? Krisztián Nyáry will be looking at these questions spicing up his talk with interesting examples and anecdotes. In his books Igazi hősök and Merész magyarok published in 2014 and 2015 the author wrote about people whose lives and decisions are still good examples today.

During the festival

Numerous children events are staged for the little ones to, such as the Rutkai Bori Banda concert or Peppino the Clown. But there are also exhibitions and bike tours, communal breakfasts and talks – all of which promise to make this long weekend in Erdőbénye unforgettable.

The Erdőbénye winemakers’ gardens will be the venues during the festival.


Read more about the detailed programs here: http://bormamorbenye.hu/programok/

And more about accommodation here: http://bormamorbenye.hu/szallas/