What’s New, Budapest?

If you are looking for new places, tastes and styles, this month won’t let you down! Let’s see some of the latest sparks of the Hungarian gastro scene!

Édes Pötty Budapest

Situated behind the Buda shopping mall complex MOM Park, Édes Pötty is the city’s latest sweet spot! Their mission is to prove that it is possible to make and create homemade, decorative confectionery without the usage of artificial additives, by only using fresh and natural raw materials of the highest possible quality. At Édes Pötty you’ll find a wide selection of sugar, gluten, lactose and egg-free cakes and other delicious, healthy sweets every day of the week, except for Monday.

1126 Budapest, Süss Nándor sétány

Belatte Cafe & Bakery

Forget everything you knew about coffee and rediscover the world of specialty cafés at Belatte Cafe, located just two minutes from Jászai Mari square. Serving organic tea products as well as fresh-out-of-the-oven bakeries and pastries, Belatte will sate all of your culinary needs: vegan cakes, superfood yoghurts, grilled sandwiches and unbelievably good coffee creations, made with farmers’ milk await you from sunrise till sundown in the comfy Tátra utca venue, which has already become a sort-of stamping ground of local coffee-fanatics.

1136 Budapest, Tátra utca 12.

Casa Mia Trattoria

We can never get tired of good Italian food! The Italian staff that runs Casa Mia Trattoria believes in simplicity and authenticity over anything: on their menu you will find all the Italian staple dishes without any unnecessary pomp, just the way they were meant to be enjoyed when first cooked up in a kitchen in Sicily or Calabria: dishes served at the trattoria include blue mussels broth, saltimbocca alla romana, and the terrific Sicilian dessert, calzoncino dolce. Most of the ingredients, as well as the soft drinks and wines are imported from Italy.

1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 37.

Magvető Café

Literature and coffee houses have gone hand-in-hand since the 1800s, but this will be the first time in Hungary that a publishing house opens its very own café. Magvető Café will officially only open on 11 April, the day of Hungarian poetry, but its test run starts on 15 March. According to the founders’ intentions, the café will be a venue for literature events, theatre performances and book launches, all the while presenting customers with a wide range of wine and coffee specialties, as well as serving mouth-watering breakfast bites in the morning.

1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 13.

Fű Juice Bar

This vegetarian heaven is situated near the recently refurbished Széll Kálmán square in central Buda, and is the love project of Hungarian-American Franciska Jennifer Gráf, who has already proved her talents in the former smoothie bar TüTü. Fű Juice Bar serves freshly pressed and insanely healthy juices, shots and smoothies made from herbs, fruits, veggies and spices, as well as home-made sandwiches and vegan cakes. For a powerful and delicious pick-me-up, choose Fű Juice Bar!

1024 Budapest, Retek utca 5.

Bistro No Waste

A place where you can eat your own plate! Bistro No Waste was developed around owner Zsuzsanna Keve’s novel concept, an eco-friendly bistro where every ingredient comes from their very own organic farm, and the dishes are served on edible plates, with biodegradable cutlery to help you devour the sugar, coloring and preservatives-free foods. The 25 square meters eatery’s menu features both meaty and vegan dishes, so that everybody can join the fight against mindless waste-producing.

1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 24.


This freshly opened, elegantly designed downtown restaurant/café, located close by to St. Stephen’s Basilica, boasts the city’s best and crispiest rotisserie chicken dishes, besides succulent duck and pork platters, which are garnished with fresh and healthy salads and home-made chips. Hilda’s breakfast offer includes tasty free range chicken egg dishes and rich sandwiches. Vegetarians and those on a gluten- or lactose-free diet are also welcome!

1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 5.


Set sails on the culinary waves of the Mediterranean sea and taste the rich and colorful cuisines of the connecting regions at Dobrumba, the newest addition to the Party District’s gastronomy scene. Situated on the corner of Dob and Rumbach Sebestyén utca, this friendly eatery offers a savoury mixture of Balkanite, Middle Eastern and other Mediterranean cuisines, such as baked beetroot with yoghurt, spicy hummus, piri-piri chicken, Köfte burger, and large plates of meze, aka the tapas of the Middle East.

1074 Budapest, Dob utca 5.