Puppies On Their First Day of Work

Mondays are hard. And you need this post in your day if: A) you go to the university to sleep through some classes B) you get up questioning yourself, if you really need that job, but somehow manage to get to the office around time C) right now you sit at your table daydreaming about next weekend D) your Monday doesn’t suck, but still, you need some motivation. You’re welcome.

The first day in work sure is hard. Unless you are young, adventurous, playful, cute as hell, and a puppy, in fact. Since we assume, that you haven’t had your weekly dose of cuteness, we collected the cutest little pals starting their career. Don’t get fooled – regarding their cuteness, these dogs are on a serious mission!  They’re doing a serious job that all of us should acknowledge and appreciate.

#1 Trying On The Vest For The First Time


#2 Teddy Bears are Puppy’s Best Friends


#3 Future Seeing Eye Dog


#4 Even The Comfort Puppy Needs Some Comfort


#5 Wearing A Vest For The First Time


#6 And The Winner For Cutest Service Dog Goes To


#7 This Is The New Puppy At Training Today. We Don’t Think The Bullet Proof Vest Fits… Just Yet


#8 A Really Dedicated Police Dog


#9 Service Puppy In Training


#10 Police K-9 Puppy’s First Day Of Work


Source: Bored Panda