Market Day

Just like many people in my generation, I used to think that markets are way too unfashionable. But when I spontaneously popped into one of the biggest market halls of the city, I was completely hooked!

Like it or not, there are certain trends we all live by. Thankfully, a recent concept that seems to conquer the world is eating healthy – or organic / bio as the technical terms usually get thrown in – food and taking the ingredients we use in our kitchen into much more consideration. And since we would like to have carefully selected items on the table, it gives us a great opportunity to leave the crowded aisles of supermarkets and discover the wonderful sceneries of local markets in the Hungarian capital!


1011 Budapest, Batthyány tér 5.

Perhaps the most picturesque market in Budapest: consisting of a beautiful old building on the ever so lovely Batthyany tér, facing the Parliament on the opposite bank of the Danube, its inimitable atmosphere will surely charm you as you stroll through the never ending line of goods.


1035 Budapest, Kórház utca 37-41.

Dive into the flavors of Hungary, meet charming characters and exchange some friendly words with the vendors. An authentic atmosphere, fresh foodstuff, meat, homemade delicacies such as dairy products, picked goods and so on. Located right at the foot of Árpád híd, the cozy marketplace invites you to take a look at the amazing products of the Hungarian farmer life.


1084 Budapest, Rákóczi tér 7-9.

If you are looking for a market to visit, you don’t even have to leave the downtown area. Just a stone’s throw away from Blaha Lujza tér, you can end up at the welcoming gates of Rákóczi tér’s market hall. The building burnt down in 1988 and was later refurbished in 1991 to spoil the city with another vending spot in the heart of District 8.


1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 1-3.

The most famous market place of Budapest might not even need any introduction. The grand hall of heavenly goods is situated in the picturesque surroundings of Fővám tér. With several sections of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, fish, dairy products – and basically everything you may need in the kitchen department – it also offers a beautiful and bright space that creates a truly fascinating experience to all who enter.


1117 Budapest, Kőrösi J. u. 7-9.

One of the favorite spots of Újbuda, the market hall found in Fehérvári utca (literally right next to Allee shopping mall), it is another often visited place by tourists and locals alike. It was built in 1977 and reconstructed in 2008, making it an unmissable site for those who seek authentic flavors and local delicacies.