Tesla Budapest Klub

Budapest, Kazinczy utca 21

Tesla opened as one of the biggest clubs in Budapest. The programme is built around intelligent


The Temple Bar

Budapest, Nagymező utca 30

Come and stop by with your friends for a quick shot or a beer!


DROP SHOP Wine bar

Budapest, Balassi Bálint 27.

There’s always a message in the bottle! Each wine has its story. A story about countries, one-time



Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 18

A place where those sneaky little sweet gossips become part of an enchanting atmosphere, lingering


Szatyor Bár és Galéria

Budapest, Bartók Béla út 36

Szatyor Bar and Gallery is situated right next to Hadik Coffee-house with an exciting visual design,


Murci Wine House

Budapest, 1052, Kristóf tér 7

A cool and inexpensive place to say a hello even at the end of the month. Give it a try!


400 Bar

Budapest, Kazinczy utca 52

400 Bar is a perfect place for tourists as much as for business meetings and get togethers.


Bobek Café

Budapest, Kazinczy utca 53

Cute little café-bar in the heart of Budapest. Go for a drink with friends and free WiFi.


Ba Bar Bistro

Budapest, Huszár utca 7

Restaurant, bar, meeting point, which can quickly change to a party location at night. We offer