Budapest, Király utca 46

If you’d have some refreshment or eat something, release stress or put the pedal to the metal,



Budapest, Bécsi út 38

Do you want to party hard? Come and spend a night at Mirror!


4bro Downtown

Budapest, Király utca 13

We wanted to create a colorful place in the centre of Budapest, in Gozsdu udvar. 4bro downtown is



Budapest, Király utca 13

Dance till eternity under the downtown!


TÜTÜ Budapest

Budapest, Hercegprímás utca 18

Meet Tütü, the club that embraces all kind of art. In the heart of downtown Budapest, there is a

Jazzy Pub

Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10, 1061

Are you looking for a place with live music and cool funky DJs? Come and check out Jazzy Pub!



Budapest, 1st floor of Fogas Ház / Fogas Ház első emeletén, Akácfa utca 51

LÄRM is a techno club launched on the spring of 2014. 200 technolovers can fit in its all-black hall


Raktár BEACH

Budapest, Hajós Alfréd sétány 1

Come and party at one of the best party places in Budapest! Good music, pretty girls and a night,

Raktár KLUB

Deák Ferenc utca 10. Budapest

Do you like Raktár BÁR or Raktár BEACH? Come and check out Raktár KLUB, the house where great


Toldi Klub

Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 38

Toldi Klub is the lobby of the 80-year-old Toldi Cinema in downtown Budapest. During the daytime it