Two heart-wrenching short films on the last day of Re-Vízió film festival

2017 Mar. 29.

In the last Re-Verzió we screen two award-winning short documentaries, Balu and Right Side of Cello. After the movies a discussion will take place moderated by Szabolcs Szirony. The entrance is free of charge!

Bókay János street 34.,
Budapest, 1083

Adorján Czakó / 2016 / Hungary / 30 min / Hungarian / English subtitles

Kinga is a smiling, cheerful, and active woman. Her 11-year-old son, Balu, had a tragic accident at the age of two. He fell into a pond and almost lost his life, but his mother brought him back to life. Ever since that, he needs constant supervision and permanent care. The film is about acceptance, the love of life, as well as of unconditional and utmost devotion.

Aleksandra Rek / 2016 / Poland / 37 min / Polish / English subtitles

This film won the Best Student Film Award at 13th Verzio Film Festival.

Dominik Połoński is an eminent musician who survived cancer. His struggle with the disease left a mark, partial paralysis, as the artist can now use only one arm. This, however, did not prevent him from returning to practicing and performing concerts, although his repertoire has changed since the disease. A story of a powerful will that allowed Dominik to overcome the severe limitations he was faced with.