8. International Monodance Festival

2018 May. 15. - 19.

Central Europe Dance Theatre organizes the International Monodance Festival biennal for the 8th time this year.

The 5-day long event takes place between 15-19 May at Bethlen Téri Színház, offering more than 14 solo act performances presented by well-known Hungarian and foreign artists, such as Tomas Danielis, Miroljuba Petrova, Lee in Soo and Ayumi Toyabe. Bethlen Gallery gives home to János Eifer’s dance photo exhibition on the festival’s first day, and as a specialty, Krisztián Gergye invites everyone to witness his dance performance at Roth Miksa Museum’s garden every day at 6 PM.

Are you in for a cultural treat? Find out more about the festival’s schedule on THIS website!

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