China, Literally!

2017 Sep. 22.

The unique Chinese language collection in Hungary, the Chinese Corner, opened in 2014 in the National Library of Foreign Literature. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China’s Hanban Institute back in July 2012. They have made agreements with libraries in South America, Australia, North America and Europe including the National Library of Foreign Literature.

This year, the Chinese collection in Budapest has expanded with 34 new titles. It has so far included 300 Chinese language documents, published by Chinese publishers.  Readers can choose from books, CDs, DVDs, language books and dictionaries, titles from literature, arts, history, philosophy, fine arts, travel guides and non-fiction publications.

The documents that have just arrived include mock exam books, Chinese language books, graded readers, business Chinese language books and literary works. Language books continue to be a significant part of the collection, as they provide opportunity for Chinese language learning and writing from elementary to advanced level to adults and children alike. Learning is also greatly facilitated by additional materials, such as learning card packages, visual and audio-visual materials.

Further on, the services of the Chinese Corner at the OIK Language Studio include a new Chinese tablet with three useful applications to help the readers learn the Chinese language.

On 22 September, on the OIK Open Day, the readers can get even more acquainted with the mysteries of the Chinese language. Dr. Csibra Zsuzsanna, representative of the Confucius Institute from the University of Szeged, will give a lecture on Chinese language and invite the interested audience to attend a lesson for beginners. The program is free and open to everyone.  Due to the limited number of places, please register! Registration: Deadline: 21 September 2017, 14.00 pm.

You can find more details and pictures about the collection on the library’s website: browse the documents in their online catalogue and visit them to see and borrow the high standard modern publications!

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