Top Things to Do Where the Danube Bends

Discover another face of Hungary: the breathtaking area of the Danube Bend has some big surprises in store for you.

All-Arts Festival in Vác

Situated around 30 minutes away from Budapest, beautiful Vác is easily approachable by train, car and bicycle too. From 19 to 21 July, the city hosts its annual, free-to-attend all-arts festival, Váci Világi Vigalom, for the 30th time. The three-day event features classical and contemporary concerts, a street parade, exhibitions and family programs, as well as an artefact fair, not mentioning the worth-a-try food stands.


Váci Vigalom Fesztivál
Photo: Váci Vigalom Fesztivál

Esztergom Basilica

Esztergom’s recently renovated basilica is one for the bucket list. The building itself is quite impressive, we highly recommend looking inside especially now that the 40-month long dome renovations have been finally completed. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful frescos and the majestic inside design. If we were you, we would sign up for a dome lookout tour. The panorama is truly stunning.

2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1. | Website

Visit Esztergom
Photo: Visit Esztergom

Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre

Close-by Szentendre is a lovely small town with so much to offer. Other than its calm and cozy vibes, delicious lángos, and charming riverside, an open-air museum attracts visitors from all over the country. The museum is devoted to folk architecture, showcasing a collection of buildings and interior furniture to depict both the cultural and architectural heritage of Hungarian language territories.

2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út 75. | Website

Szentendrei skanzen, muzeum
Photo: Egy jó kép az utazásról

Visegrád Citadel

One of the most emblematic sights of the Danube Bend is undoubtedly a 13th century gothic fortress complex overlooking the city of Visegrád. It has a rich and eventful history: even the infamous Romanian warrior prince, Vlad the Impaler served time in the castle’s prison under King Mathias Hunyadi’s reign. Experience history and adore the scenic view of the Danube; it’s going to be unforgettable.

2025 Visegrád, Várhegy | Website

Photo: Jenes András és a Holló