Ground-Breaking Artists and Masterpieces at Hungarian Heritage House

We often forget how fundamental our tradition, folk art, folk dances, and folk music are when it comes to our sense of collective belonging. It is Hungarian Heritage House’s mission to give platform to, promote, and preserve these timeless values through must-visit programs, such as touching dance performances, exciting workshops, folk-inspired exhibitions, and traditional craft courses.

Located under the roof of the imposing Buda Vigadó, Hungarian Heritage House organizes various events in the summer. Until 22 June, visit their successful exhibition: Secession, Art Deco, Folk Art – Female Spirit, Folk Design. It introduces the spectator to Secession and Art Deco’s encounter with 20th century folk art through the lens of female artists.

Hungarian Heritage House
Photo: Hungarian Heritage House

More than a hundred art pieces are on display including graphic designer & illustrator Kató Lukáts’ beautiful Stühmer-wrapping and graphic designer Gitta Mallász’s incredible travel posters. Moreover, visitors will find out how and why the house of folk embroiderer Bori Kis Jankó became a tourist attraction.

Photo: Hungarian Heritage House

It has been a decade since the Heritage House first offered different vocational courses for those willing to acquire traditional crafts but never before have graduates created so many, professionally and aesthetically outstanding works of art. Students have mastered different art forms (felt making, basket weaving, and carpet weaving). It means the showcase can offer insight into the complexity of our folk-art inheritance. The masterpieces take centre stage at a new exhibition, opening 12 July, which will highlight how each of the displayed items can be utilized in a 21st century environment. Visitors will be in for a treat.

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Photo: Hungarian Heritage House