Retro Lángos: Indulging in Hungary’s Doughsome Answer to Pizza

Although typically associated with lazy summers spent by lakes and on lidos, Hungary’s number one beach food can be enjoyed all-year round, with the colder temperatures only enhancing the lángos experience.

In 2011, Retro Lángos made our beloved deep-fried comfort food (traditionally consumed plain or topped with garlic oil, sour cream, and grated cheese) available in Budapest all year round. Initially, they opened a tiny food stand next to Arany János metro station, which grew immensely popular during its 9-year lease. Due to the metro station’s renovation, the food stand had to close, but Retro Lángos survived in the form of a brand new, modern lángos bistro just across the street.

Photo: Retro Lángos

Today, they serve over 20 types of lángos, ranging from classic flavours to inventive variations, such as the Meat Bomb inspired by a guest who wanted all available toppings on his lángos. Even those with food intolerances can enjoy gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan options. All lángoses are lovingly prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients on the spot.

Retro Lángos’ winter favourites include sheep curd-sausage lángos with scallion, tzatziki sauce-chicken lángos with tomato and feta cheese, and the mouth-watering pulled pork lángos with BBQ sauce. Whether you go for a simple, a seasonal, or a more creative lángos, don’t forget to pair them with the unique Retro specialty cocktail, a sensational blend of Tubi, ginger, and passion fruit.

Photo: Retro Lángos

The warm indoor seating area attracts many people during the winter months, so it’s common to see a queue in front of the bistro, especially on weekends. But fear not, Retro Lángos is famous for its fast service. A friendly, 20-member staff ensures you’ll fill your belly with a hearty lángos in no time.

1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 25. | Website

Photo: Retro Lángos