You Must Visit This Gorgeous Plate-Sharing Restaurant on the Pest Broadway

Located on Nagymező Street (or as locals like to call it: the Pest Broadway) and neighbouring some of the most prominent theater halls of the city, Kismező aims to breathe new life into an area once known as the pulsating heart of the Budapest night scene, with clever culinary creations, authentic Neapolitan pizzas, and an impressive assortment of beverages.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

Kismező made its debut earlier this year between the same walls where Pesti Disznó, the owners’ previous restaurant operated. Now, Kismező is here to take up the baton of providing the culture-seeking foodies with quality dishes and a sophisticated yet unfettered atmosphere.

Wonderful Plates to Enjoy Together

Harkening back to the opulent days of turn of the century Budapest with the help of eclectic interior design (courtesy of the team of Socially) and a wide-ranging menu (dreamt by creative chef Norbert Fekete of Olimpia and Portum Restaurant), Kismező follows the gastro-philosophical school of thought that sharing is indeed caring.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

Put into practice, what this means is that everything is served on small plates (or bowls in the case of less solid dishes) laid out beautifully in the middle of the table, with the contents meant to be divided up by friends and enjoyed in unison.

Internationally Inspired Flavours

Consisting of fresh and in-season offerings, Kismező’s internationally inspired menu has something in store for everyone, ensuring that no man or woman leaves with an empty stomach: their creamy pumpkin soup comes with Brussels sprouts and hazelnut, the shrimps are doused in Tunisian harissa sauce and garnished with padron peppers and focaccia, while the tender venison backstrap is complete with currant jus, cabbage potato noodles, and pumpkin puree.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

In addition, the venue also boasts a killer line-up of canotto style Neapolitan pizzas characterized by their large, almost inflated looking airy crust.

Prepared from first-rate Italian ingredients, such as San Marzano tomato sauce, burrata, and truffle pesto, these neatly-topped discs of dough will make you feel like you’re in Naples after just one bite! To end your meal on a sweet note, try one of Kismező’s heavenly desserts and call it a night with a fine glass of wine or a kicking cocktail.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

Whether you drop by Kismező in your fancy dress before a premiere next door or after an exhausting Casual Friday at work, you can be sure that good vibes, a friendly service, and a memorable culinary experience await you!


1063 Budapest, Nagymező utca 19.
+36 1 951 4061