Budapest’s Best Art Exhibitions in Autumn

The Hungarian capital boasts fascinating permanent and temporary exhibitions this autumn, all you have to do is decide what to see during your stay in Budapest. Let us show you the way!

World Press Photo

Budapest has just welcomed the most awaited exhibition of 2022, World Press Photo that attracts thousands of visitors every autumn. The display awaits the Hungarian public (and all the culture-seeking foreigners) in the Hungarian National Museum between 23 September and 30 October. World Press Photo unveils credible photo reports about last year’s events in the world, as well as awards four artists for their painstaking, often years-long background work and fascinating storytelling. The photo exhibition also shows that most of the world has been addressing the same issues, including climate change, social injustice, and violence against women.

Website | 23 September – 30 October 2022 | Hungarian National Museum

World Press Exhibition
Photo: Fatima Shbair, Getty Images

The Art of the Brick

One of the world’s most-visited LEGO® art exhibition arrives to Budapest this autumn! The artist behind the building blocks-turned-grandiose sculptures is Nathan Sawaya, whose astonishing works will be displayed at Király Street’s Komplex from 30 September. The pieces are very detailed and playful, true artifacts of today’s pop art. The creatively installed exhibition space gives home to a versatile set of LEGO® sculptures, such as the rethought version of Michelangelo’s David and Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, as well as the impressive, six-meter-high copy of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

Website | Open until 31 January 2023

The Art of the Brick
Photo: The Art of the Brick (Facebook)

Vaszary Rediscovered

One of the most prominent painters of 20th century Hungarian visual arts, János Vaszary’s never before seen works are exhibited at the Hungarian National Gallery. 24 out of the 70 paintings on display were discovered in the museum collection anew just a few years ago: before 2016, neither the public, nor the experts knew about them. The exhibited art pieces unveil the diverse oeuvre of Vaszary, starting from expressive compositions and Parisienne art deco, all the way to his works capturing everyday life on the promenade by the Danube. The display is complete with side programs, such as guided tours and talks.

Website | Open until 15 January 2023

Photo: Hungarian National Gallery (Facebook)

The Path of Money

Located on the hill above Széll Kálmán Square, the recently renovated Postal Palace gives home to the Money Museum of the National Bank of Hungary, which has been awaiting visitors with an exciting, free-to-visit exhibition since last spring. The modern, well-detailed display is a great program for both children and adults, as the museum uses several playful, interactive tools and visual solutions to introduce the history of money. Although the visit is free of charge, it is compulsory to make an appointment online. Make sure you have at least two hours for an all-encompassing experience at Money Museum!

Website | Permanent exhibition

Photo: Hungarian Money Museum and Visitor Centre (Facebook)

Museum of Illusions

The visitors of the Museum of Illusions in Budapest can experience how perception and the human brain works, with the help of eight thematic rooms, several installations, extraordinary holograms, a whirling tunnel, unique logic games, and many incredible illusions. In the world of amusing tricks, both children and adults can find out why we see things our brain is unable to perceive, as well as learn about perspectives, tricks of the eye, and the wonders of science and the human brain. Taking photos is not only allowed but highly recommended!

Website | Permanent exhibition

Museum of Illusions
Photo: Museum of Illusions Budapest (Facebook)