September Gastro Highlights

Whether you’re interested in traditional Hungarian flavors, a chic brunch spot or a piece of Paris, Funzine’s September gastro guide has got you covered! 

Hungarian: Café Kör Restaurant

Found a mere stone’s throw away from St. Stephen’s Basilica, Café Kör is one of the most reliable restaurants in Budapest when it comes to sampling the best of Hungarian cooking in an authentic environment. Popular among locals and tourists alike, Café Kör attracts guests with traditional dishes made from quality ingredients (including goulash soup, various stews, and classic desserts such as Somlói sponge cake and chestnut puree), a cordial service, and a fine Hungarian drink selection. Reservations are recommended.

Photo credit: Café Kör Restaurant (Facebook)


1051 Budapest, Sas utca 17.

Coffee Place: Rojt és Bojt kávéskuckó

“A drop of elegance and a drop of fun” is how Rojt és Bojt kávéskuckó (Fringe and Tassels Coffee Corner) describes itself. Nestled in a narrow and tranquil street in Buda, this local favourite offers probably the best coffee in not just the neighbourhood, but maybe the whole city, which is accompanied by friendly smiles, kind words, and sublime breakfast items. From sandwiches made with baguette, bagel or croissant, homemade cakes and jams to the scrumptious ham and eggs, there’s no bad way to start your day here!

Photo credit: Rojt és Bojt kávéskuckó (Facebook)


1012 Budapest, Kosciuszkó Tádé utca 4.

Brunch: Gerlóczy Kávéház

Would you like to feel like you’re in Paris without leaving the centre of Budapest? Then drop by downtown Gerlóczy for their famed breakfast menus, available every day between 7.30 and noon. Whether you go for the Spanish breakfast (potato omelette, chorizo, tomato toast, manchego cheese), the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, the quiche with Gruyere cheese, spinach and fresh salad, or the flawless croque monsieur, you will definitely want to come back for another round! Pastries, yogurt, and fruit salad also feature on the menu.

Photo credit: Gerlóczy Kávéház (Facebook)


1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 1.

Street Food: A Rántott Húsos

Wiener schnitzel is one of the great Central European comfort foods: the paper-thin, breaded, and pan-fried dish and its varieties have become a staple of Sunday meals in Hungary, which are considered a sacred ritual in itself. Luckily, you don’t need to be invited to a Sunday family lunch to enjoy the taste of a nice breaded pork chops: Madách Square’s A Rántott Húsos awaits you with homely flavours, large servings, a number of salads, and several sauces to choose from. If you don’t like pork, you can opt for the chicken schnitzel or the melt-in-your-mouth fried cheese version.

Photo credit: A Rántott Húsos (Facebook)


1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 5.

Beer Terrace: Ganz Söröző

Situated behind the patinated Király Baths, Ganz Söröző (“Brasserie”) is one of Buda’s best kept secrets, as well as the spiritual successor to Ganz Beer Manufactory, an iconic pioneer of the Hungarian craft beer revolution. Emanating a time-stood-still atmosphere, the interior of the pub is quite tiny, but it’s the ivy-covered terrace that you want to be sitting on anyway. Famous for its friendly staff, in addition to its extensive range of artisanal brews, this peaceful little bar should be on the top of your list if you’re curious about the colourful world of Hungarian craft beers!

Photo credit: Ganz Söröző (Facebook)


1027 Budapest, Ganz utca 6.

Garden: Pavillon de Paris Budapest

Budapest is often referred to as the Paris of the East, at least that’s what visitors say after wandering the streets of our gorgeous capital city. True to its cosmopolitan status, Budapest also makes room for French gastronomy. Pavillon de Paris is one of the genre’s most renowned representatives, a bistro-style restaurant complete with a lush, peaceful garden, located just a few minutes’ walk from the Chain Bridge. If you’re guilty of a French food obsession, you couldn’t choose a better place to sate your hunger than this romantic exclave of the City of Lights.

Photo credit: Pavillon de Paris (Facebook)


1011 Budapest, Fő utca 20.

New Favourite: Arquitecto Pitpit

Located inside the lovely garden of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects’ headquarters, Arquitecto Pitpit was opened just a couple of months ago by the same family that gave us Padron, one of the city’s best tapas restaurants. From Spanish oxtail stew and salmorejo (a thick tomato soup typical of Andalusia) to pil pil prawns in garlic olive oil and fresh oysters with tabasco, Arquitecto offers some of the most delicious items of Spanish cuisine in sharing-sized portions, accompanied by drinks inspired by the owners’ culinary travels in the Iberian Peninsula, such as vermouth on tap!

Photo credit: Arquitecto Pitpit (Facebook)


1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 2.

Wine Bar: Boratórium – Mátra Borozó

This old-style wine bar has been a fixed star on the map of Budapest’s most beloved pubs for decades now, as it opened in 1948 by the mother of the establishment’s current barkeep, Gábor. The retro atmosphere is ensured by the panelled walls, the lace tablecloths, the elderly regulars propping themselves against the bar table, and the hearty bar snacks, including fatty bread, sausage, and grilled sandwich. Providing visitors with a wide selection of pálinka and wines procured directly from the producers, Boratórium – Mátra Borozó is as authentic as it gets!


1011 Budapest, Corvin tér 1.