Buddha Original, the Number One Asian Restaurant in Budapest

The go-to Asian restaurant of Budapest locals and tourists alike, Buddha Original has recently opened its newest and largest venue in the Hungarian capital, at the always buzzing little piazza in the heart of the city, Kristóf Square.

best asian restaurant budapest
Photo by Socially/Nóri Puskás

Available at 14 different locations in the capital, Buddha Original was one of the very first advocates of Asian cuisine in Budapest. Ever since, the fast casual Asian restaurant chain has been providing guests with an authentic gastronomic experience that boasts high-quality ingredients, exotic flavours, and a devoted team of culinary experts.

The Newest Asian Restaurant in Budapest

The latest addition to the Buddha Original restaurants in Budapest is situated in close vicinity to the main shopping street of the city, at lovely Kristóf Square, encircled by the shops of Zara and H&M, making it a perfect stop to recharge your batteries before or after a long day of shopping.

In the summer, feel free to get immersed in those sought-after Budapest vibes sitting at the spacious terrace of Buddha Original, while autumns and winters are best enjoyed at the stylish, two-storey indoor area of the restaurant. The unique interior design is complete with a giant mural both downstairs and upstairs, cosy brown leather sofas, brick walls, and enormous windows through which you can see the city’s heart beating outside.

best asian restaurants budapest
Photo by Socially/Nóri Puskás

A Window into Asian Gastronomy

Bringing the flavours of the Far East into the Hungarian capital, Buddha Original offers a great variety of traditional Asian dishes, but you can also create your own course of meal using typical, high-end Asian ingredients. Your culinary journey to the gastronomy of Asia might be filled with colourful plates of sushi, palatable soups, various types of Pads aka stir-fried noodles, fried rice dishes, as well as two kinds of desserts to end your meal on a high note.

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The great selection of heavenly Asian courses holds some signature dishes you don’t want to miss when in Buddha Original. As a matter of fact, a perfect to-share meal called Japanko Tempura teases your taste buds with a fantastic plate of deep-fried sushi filled with salmon, avocado, and shiitake.

Best sushi Budapest
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Continuing your adventure into the world of Asian cuisine, make sure you try one of the signature Pads Buddha Original has to offer that come with different types of fried vegetables and various Thai sauces such as oyster sauce and black soy sauce. Our favourite is the broccoli, bamboo, and basil rich Pad Kee Mao, which literally translates to “drunken noodles” (allegedly perfect to cure hangovers.)

Asian cuisine Budapest
Photo by Socially/Nóri Puskás

Last but not least, Kao Niao Moang aka Mango Sticky Rice is the little something extra we all crave for at the end of a wonderful meal. This black rice dessert bathing in coconut milk sauce with the pleasantly acidic taste of mango jam may as well be the eighth wonder of the world.

Photo by Socially/Nóri Puskás

Close up your meal with an item of Buddha Original’s exquisite cocktail list, or pick a refreshing, ice-cold lemonade with an extra fruit syrup, and you’re good to go back to shopping, partying in downtown Budapest, or exploring the gems of our beautiful city.

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