Wanna become an EU resident? We know a quick way!

Did you know that you only need to pay 9% corporate tax if you are about to set up an EU company in Hungary? This is a unique opportunity that not only comes with the lowest tax rate within the EU but also gives you and your family EU residence permit.

Further good news is that company formation in Hungary takes only 24-48 hours after which you will get a valid EU tax number, and you can make the most of paying only 9% corporate tax. What’s more, you can start a European business from anywhere in the world, even from the comfort of your home.

Apart from the favourable tax rate, you can also get EU residency by investment.  If you invest in real estate or form a company in Hungary, you and your family can obtain a permanent residence permit. If you own a successful business and have a permanent income in Hungary, you and your family will be granted the opportunity to live, work and travel freely in any of the EU member countries. The other option to become an EU resident is an EUR 200,000 real estate investment in Hungary, from which you will have a permanent income.

Who should seize the opportunity?

This one-of-a-kind opportunity is especially useful for residents outside the EU, who are eager to start a business with advantageous tax conditions while being able to travel freely in the EU, says Dr. Melinda Gyori at BusinessImmigration.hu. What’s more, British citizens might also be interested in company formation in Hungary or EU residence permit by real estate investment in Hungary, thus getting (back) the rights they used to have before Brexit. However, those who live in the EU can also benefit from the 9% corporatie tax, since it is exceptionally low in the region.

One more reason to become a regular visitor of Hungary

In 2019, Budapest was voted the Best European Destination of the Year, preceding 20 of the most visited European cities such as Athens, Florence and Paris. The competition organized by European Best Destinations (EBD) numbered more than 500 thousand votes, the majority of which was for the Hungarian capital. We assure you, Budapest is just as charming in 2020 as it was back in 2019.

Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the trendiest places of Europe? We certainly would! The question is, will you join us in exploring Budapest?