Dog Training: Love for Trust, Discipline for Respect

The moment a dog becomes part of your family, you have to set boundaries. From the perspective of socialization, training your four-legged friend should start when it is only a few months old. After that dog school with lots of training will come into play. If you do things right, soon you’ll see the results. Your dog will learn the rules and boundaries, and by the time it turns one or two years old, you’ll live a happy and balanced life together.

One thing you shouldn’t forget is that training your dog never ends. Even when dog school is over, you must keep disciplining, because it might happen that your pup misbehaves when it feels you let your control loosen. Look at the rules that you need to follow every day!

#1 Walking your dog

Always aim for a nice, balanced walk, define its duration, mode and direction. Never let the dog pull the leash. Other dogs, moving objects and cars should be ignored by your furry companion at all times.

#2 Feeding

It is your responsibility to define the time of feeding. Your dog should sit calmly and wait. In case you want to take the food away, your pup shouldn’t growl or snarl. Do not leave the leftover food in front of them. No begging at the table.

#3 Love

Express your love towards your dog without them having to beg you for it. When they nudge your hand for petting and you do what they want, you let them take control over you and that’s never good.

#4 Playtime

It’s important to play a lot with your dog, because otherwise they will find other things to occupy themselves with. Believe us, the outcome won’t make you thrilled. While playing, take control. They shouldn’t jump on you or play aggressively. A daily 15-20 minutes playtime will already make your relationship more balanced.

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