3 Essential Oils for Home Use

The most natural way to scent your apartment without harming the environment is diffusing essential oils that are distilled from the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of several plants. It’s a lesser-known fact that these aromatic oils also have some properties that make them great for healing, cleaning, calming, and even cooking purposes. Let’s see three Funzine favourites and the impacts they have on us.


Eucalyptus essential oil has a number of beneficial effects when used in the household: it not only cleans and freshens the air, but it also disinfects surfaces, so adding a few drops to your mop water is definitely a good idea. Moreover, eucalyptus is great for respiratory issues such as coughing, cold, or a sore throat. Just simply rub the oil into your chest, or pour some drops onto a clean towel and put it on the radiator.


Lavender oil is the ultimate wonder weapon when you’re stressed or upset, as well as the secret of a peaceful long-night sleep. You can diffuse a few drops of this easy-to-recognize scent in your bedroom to spread calmness, or put some into your hot bath for an authentic home spa experience. Lavender also helps fresh cuts, burns and wounds heal faster, all you have to do is apply the oil straight to the targeted area. One more of the superpowers of lavender: it kills bacteria, which makes it a useful cleaning fluid.

Wild Orange

How good it feels to smell the scent of a freshly cut orange entering a room in winter? Apart from actually eating orange, which can feel great too, get hold of some wild orange essential oil, because you’ll be surprised how many positive effects it might have on your health! It is not only antibacterial but also has anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, and it can even soothe an upset stomach. If you long for undisturbed relaxation after a hard day at work, mix some drops of wild orange and lavender oil for the ultimate soothing experience. You can also massage wild orange oil onto the back of your neck for a better focus, or diffuse it in any room to kill bacteria.