Life as an Intern – Budapest Bank’s Internship Program (x)

Budapest Bank’s more than 200-member internship program has been developed by its participants since the beginning, with a group of 4 HR professionals in the lead. Two of them – Dóri Bakos (external employer branding) and Geri Maradi (internal employer branding) – talked to us about their versatile responsibilities.

How did you end up in Budapest Bank’s internship program?

Geri: I started to work here in April, because I wanted to gain experience that I can proudly mention in my CV. I am studying in Budapest Business School’s communication and media department, and my job is related to internal employer branding. One of my friends suggested that I look for an internship program on Zyntern where I found Budapest Bank’s open positions. I really liked the wording of the job ad as it was friendly, with a straightforward description of tasks and who the ideal candidate would be.

Dóri: I’ve been working for the bank since the October of last year, this is my very first workplace. In the last year of my commerce and marketing BA studies at Corvinus University of Budapest, I had to look for an intern position and came across Budapest Bank’s vacancies on Zyntern. I found out that the company has been awarded three times by the website for its attractive internship opportunities so I applied and soon joined the bank’s team. Now I am studying for a master’s degree and I’d like to stay as long as I can, because I like my job a lot.

How did your first few days go?

Dóri: At the beginning I was anxious, but everyone was very kind and helpful during the training process. Although I expected strict rules and boundaries, which made me worried, everything turned out to be great, because our working environment is really friendly.

Geri: My job interview was held by interns and it was a very good experience. Ever since I started working here I’ve been treated with the same respect and kindness. I got all the help that I needed, I never felt lost for one second.

What should we know about the internship program?

Dóri: The HR team’s other two members, HR generalist interns follow the lifeline of other interns at the company. We also have an onboarding program, managed mainly by Geri, which helps interns through trainings and also gives them the chance to try themselves in different positions. They usually take advantage of it because this way they can get a broader picture on the bank’s services. It is important to know that we do not make short-term contracts, the minimum duration is 6 months but 1 year contracts (or longer) are more common. Basically our aim is to keep our interns here; last year we hired 65 interns who are now full-time employees.

As interns, to what extent can you get involved in daily matters?

Dóri: We are very lucky, because we are treated like any other employee. If we inform our team leader about a project that caught out attention, we can participate at related meetings and get an insight into it.

Geri: I, for instance, asked our team leader to let me participate at the Customer Experience team’s meetings. It’s very important for Budapest Bank to improve customer satisfaction as well as to build a customer-oriented culture; a group of employees are dedicated to it. It’s exciting to see how the team works and how different projects progress.

What kind of trainings can you participate at?

Geri: At first you must take part in different trainings about Budapest Bank and its operation. That is really useful because we aren’t getting into deep water without knowing the basics. Among others, Excel-trainings, time managements and SQR trainings are also organized.

Are there any events organized for Budapest Bank’s future interns?

Geri: Yes, we have a group called Interns’ Alliance that has 8 members. We organize programs at least on a monthly basis. Last time we played laser tag, while in the past we got together for cauldron parties, went to a canoe tour, or played board games after work.

Why would you recommend the internship program to other students?

Geri: First of all, the students who apply will have their own responsibilities, and we aren’t talking about making coffee or standing by the photocopy machine. Secondly, Budapest Bank doesnt’t want anyone to put work before studies.

Dóri: We are looking forward to the application of those who want to belong to a nice community, work on great projects, and get a peek into the world of banking – which offers opportunities not only for students of finance and accounting but also to people studying in the field of communication and marketing.

Are you interested? Visit the website of Budapest Bank’s internship program, where you can find out more about the everyday life of interns as well as actual vacancies!