Cosmetic Checklist for Summer

When it comes to beauty products, the less-is-more approach applies in summer. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s to lightweight formulas infused with SPF, and effortless skin and hair care products!

Essentials for Women

You don’t necessarily have to be a makeup guru to get your look on point, all you need is to know the right products and how to use them properly. First and foremost, forget about heavy makeup. While going makeup free is a great idea, not everyone feels comfortable to quit makeup cold turkey.  In that case, try to keep it natural, fresh, and sweat-proof. Cleansing is inevitable: one of the season’s favourites is micellar water – powered by tiny oil molecules –, a makeup remover-cleanser-toner that doesn’t need to be rinsed. Get your hands on a good facial mist with built-in SPF (sun protection factor), because it helps moisturizing your skin and it’s an awesome sunscreen substitute. (A water-based moisturizer might also come in handy.)

You definitely don’t want your foundation to melt away, so you better step up your game and insert SPF primer (it smoothes out the skin’s surface and creates a perfect base for the makeup) into your beauty regiment before applying the foundation. When you are done with the basics, use waterproof mascara, and/or waterproof eye pencil, and finish up your look by applying primer under the gloss OR opt for an SPF lip balm. Your hair needs some extra pampering during the hot season; if needed, use a frizz-fighting hairspray that beats the heat and fights humidity. Deep conditioning at home is likewise a must, especially for fine hair.

Essentials for Men

We can agree that even the manliest guys must take care of their skin. Cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating aren’t solely for women. But what’s most important, you have to take sun protection very seriously. Find yourself an SPF lip balm (not tinted, not shiny) and use sunscreen on your face and neck. What about facial hair? Summer beard requires a lot of effort and a bit of extra care. Clean your beard with a gentle face wash, and use sunscreen on that area for two reasons. #1 it will protect your facial hair from sun rays, and #2 it keeps your beard smooth and moisturized.