Summer with the French Institute of Budapest

The French Institute of Budapest organizes thrilling waterside programs this summer such as outdoor film screenings and music concerts in Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró, a street dance on the square in front of the institute, workshops and short films at Bánkitó Festival.

The program series starts on 10 July with a music concert in Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró, followed by the screening of the award-winning The Aquatic Effect that reveals why a man signs up for a swimming course when he knows perfectly how to swim. The venue also gives home to other entertaining contemporary films such as The Odyssey on 17 July, Sink or Swim on 24 July, and Louise by the Shore on 31 July.

On the occasion of Bastille Day, the French Institute of Budapest invites everyone to a street dance on 13 July. The all-day jamboree will see a musical instrument making workshop and the concert of Hét Hat Club that combines Balkan music with French chansons during the day, whereas French electronic music, jazz, soul, and funk will dominate the night.

The summer season ends with the open day of the French Institute of Budapest on 14 September. The colourful range of programs include digital workshops, open language lessons, film screenings, games, all-day registration, and a special never-before-seen theatre performance.

Join the events and surf on the waves of French culture!