Mineral Water Guide

Are you a tap water drinker or do you prefer consuming mineral water? There are hundreds of often contradictory news on the web on the advantages and drawbacks of these two types of water, but we are here to help you make the best possible decision by presenting you reliable information on drinking water.

To begin with, here’s a surprising fact: the mineral water consumption of Hungary tripled in the last 30 years. Although more and more still mineral water is purchased, the sparkling alternative still tops the sales charts.

What do we mean by mineral water?

To get the record straight, let’s find out the difference between tap water and mineral water first. Mineral water needs to meet several requirements; for example, it should be completely free of any contaminations and bottled at the place of occurrence. The latter is necessary to avoid contamination the water might get during delivery. Mineral water is sourced from underground, so its mineral content depends on the quality of the soil it is obtained from. It is important to know that in a litre of mineral water there are at least 500 mg minerals that contain vitamins vital for the human body, such as chrome, manganese, copper, zinc, and iron.

Is mineral water bad for you?

If you only drink mineral water, especially if you opt for one that has high mineral content (500-2000 mg/l), try a new brand with a different mineral composition every week. There are certain minerals that can do harm in your body if overdosed.

With or without bubbles?

It’s up to you. The dissolved carbon dioxide gas has nothing to do with the mineral content of the water. If you drink water high in minerals, you’ll know it right ahead as its taste is quite characteristic and acidic.

Is tap water bad for you?

The majority of Hungarian tap water contains more than 500 mg of minerals per litre, which means that it is actually considered mineral water. However, tap water is not always tasty and healthy: the condition of the conduits may affect the quality of the water as substances harmful to the human body may dissolve when running through old water pipes. The opponents of tap water often criticize the chloride content of the water that colours the liquid white, but the Hungarian regulations are strict enough to prohibit such high chloride content that is harmful to the consumers’ health.