Enter the HEROES Competition, Take Home the Prize!

Wellness magazine organizes its autumn obstacle course competition at MOM Sport Pool and Sport Centre’s garden once again!

Show your strength, put your body to test by competing at Heroes 2018! After a free trial you can get yourself down to business and stand on the start line, if you feel like. The winners of the competition (one male and one female) will take home 35 000 HUF each but the second and third runner-up will also be awarded with valuable gifts.


9.30 – 12.30: Test
11.00: Rezső Tatarek’s Ironbox Max training
13.00 – 17.00: Heroes Competition

Let’s meet on 16 September at Mom Sport Garden! Find all the necessary information here.

The track:

  • Crawling: 20-meter distance, 40-50 centimetre height, under rope
  • Monkey bars: 2.5-metre height, swinging car tires, forbidden to put the feet on the ground. Number of attempts: 3, if failed, do 10 giant stool jumps (with both feet).
  • Jumping: Climb across the frame (you can only try once!).
  • Tire bridge swing: step from one tire to another, without your feet touching the ground. Attempts: 3, if failed, do 10 giant stool jumps (with both feet)
  • Above and below plank: climb over or below the plank.
  • Negative plank: climb over a 2-metre high negative plank, use a rope
  • OCR multi rig: 2.5-metre height, hang onto horizontal structure. Attempts: 3, if failed, do 10 giant stool jumps (with both feet)
  • Big plank: Climb across a 2.5-metre high plank.