When Lights Go Out – Invisible Exhibition Is Awaiting You

Imagine all the lights go out… Interesting? Strange? Weird? Or… perhaps feels natural? Could an hour of blindness open your eyes?

Invisible Exhibition is a unique interactive journey into an invisible world, where you can attempt to orient yourself in complete darkness using only your sense of touch, sounds and scents to guide you… Trust blindly!

Guided by blind or visually impaired people, visitors to the exhibition experience how it feels to live without the sense that provides us the most information – our sight – and to discover how other senses are enhanced in its absence.

Invisible Exhibition demonstrates different real life situations and places which are authentic simulations of the outside world. This you may experience how to get along in urban traffic, how you would pay for a drink in a bar, or how to know which herb to use for your lunch without the gift of sight. While the exhibition sets out ambitious, quite serious educational and social goals, the path is surprisingly entertaining and amusing. All of the guides are dedicated, compassionate people with wonderful senses of humor. Let us  show you how the world changes around you and how you yourself also change in it.