Funzine Insider: This is How We Spend July

Three members of FUNZINE, including native Budapesters and others who have lived here for some time share their favourite places to be and things to do in the city every month. In July, you can see the hints of Bogi, Dalma and Andris.

Andris’ Hints

My favourite thing to do: Watching the World Cup

Until 15 July I’ll for sure watch most of the World Cup matches. As I love soccer, and the atmosphere of the World Cups, I wouldn’t want to miss out on enjoying this special event. I can’t wait for the knockout stages and the finals to start, when everyone is on the streets, cheering for their teams in the crowd. I was saddened that the Dutch team couldn’t make it to the game this year, so I root for the dedicated teams of smaller nations.

Apart from the matches, I also like spending time with my friends by Lake Balaton. The perfect weekend includes good people, beach volleyball, fried hake and/or lángos.

My favourite place to be: Outdoors

During the summer months we all love outdoor places. My favourites range from Deák tér’s Akvárium, ruin bar Anker’t and Pontoon by the Danube to Budai Parkszínpad near Móricz Zsigmond körtér. As far as the World Cup games are concerned, I have to mention Szabadság tér, the ultimate place to watch sport events live.

When I feel I need some tranquillity away from the hustle of the city, I head to Czakó Kert, a hidden gem in Buda. It is perfect for chilled afternoons.

Bogi’s Hints

My favourite place to be: KHAN

Looking for something exotic, I visited KHAN a few months ago. The restaurant is located in a not-so-popular part of Újlipótváros (district XIII), hidden between towering blocks of flats. It had given exactly what I came for, so no surprise I became a regular. Entering the place, the authentic design attracts the visitor’s attention first which, together with the exciting dishes, take all the guests to Asia. KHAN has never disappointed me: it is a source of freshness presenting new tastes that blow my mind every time.


My favourite thing to do: Visiting markets

We’ve just started renovating our flat, so I like visiting the markets and fairs of Budapest nowadays. Everyone will find what they are looking for, as there are plenty of markets in the capital. Wandering around, you will see several creative ideas brought to life which may as well inspire you in decorating your home. On the other hand, I always find something that spices the interior up a bit, let it be a unique piece of furniture or a never-before-seen poster.


Dalma’s Hints

My favourite thing to do: Going to summer festivals

Summer comes hand in hand with the festival season which is my favourite time of the year. We always reunite with my friends to decide together which festivals we attend in the upcoming months. It doesn’t matter if we attend a festival for a week or just one day, we will feel liberated for sure. It makes you leave the monotonous weekdays behind, and you’ll just catch yourself having the time of your life. Anything can happen to you at a festival! I’ll for sure visit some this summer, too.


My favourite place to be: Double Shot

One of the coolest cafés of the city opened its second venue in Veres Pálné utca, just a few steps from Kálvin tér. Neon lights, sheer white walls (with a colourful graffiti on one of them), lush plants and vintage pieces of wooden furniture make the interior quite eclectic; I felt the laid-back vibes immediately after entering the space. Apart from the finest coffees, a nice range of modernized breakfast dishes are also available all day. Once there, you must try their signature ‘Partizán’ coffee, it’s a blast!