The Best Retro Parties of Budapest

Do you want to dance the night away at Budapest’s best retro parties? Here’s a hint: the following places are truly awesome.

Necc Party

Although it started back in 2013, the city’s most popular retro-trash party series has really become a true nightlife phenomenon last year, when Necc Party filled out Budapest Park, the capital’s biggest outdoor party venue not once, but three times. Their events are always sold out, packing full-house parties all over the country without ever a dip in their quality. What’s the reason for its popularity? Simple: during the course of a night at a regular Necc Party, you’ll find everything in the musical repertoire from the last twenty years, ranging from Linkin Park and Backstreet Boys to Emergency House and t.a.T.u. – the genre is not important, what matters is that everybody knows and loves these tracks, even if they don’t dare admit it.

BOTB Classics

While Necc Party’s main niche lays in the trashy parts of the retro renaissance, downtown hipster hangout Beat on the Brat’s very own party series concentrates on the most important pieces of music from the pop, indie, new wave, hip-hop, punk and electronica genres of the past 50 years (but mainly on the last two decades). BOTB Classics is organized every Friday night in the tiny underground bar, with no entry fee, and a different DJ sitting behind the counter every time. Depeche Mode, Oasis, Blur, Interpol, Police, The Monkees, Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop are regular guests here, and so should you become one, if you’re a fan of alternative music. To find the club, look for the parking garage in District 7’s Nyár utca.


Another popular spot for getting lost in pop culture’s collective memory is found at Erzsébet tér: at the retro parties (Pop-Friday, Mixtape Party, and Videodisco) of winterized Fröccsterasz you can regularly sacrifice your weekend nights on the altar of musical nostalgia. Besides icons such as Madonna, N-Sync and Spice Girls, who appear constantly on the Fröccsterasz playlist, you can bet your bottom dollar that no ‘90s pop anthem will be left unchecked – if you just wait long enough, or ask the DJ diligently. So, in case next weekend you get struck down by a high-‘90s fever, just head out to Fröccsterasz with your pals or gals, order a spritzer, and cure your fever with some dancing!