Interview with Raxon, One of the Most Respected Artists of the Middle-East

Thanks to Be Massive and Amper Klub, Raxon is soon to perform in Pécs, Hungary. Before they hit the stage on 24 February, read what Raxon has to say about producing music and their upcoming gig in Pécs!

When did you start writing music?

I signed my first contract in the beginning of 2000, back then I was playing around with Fruity Loops and Techno E-Jay on PC, but I never took it seriously, I was more into playing music rather than making it at the time.

When was your first release?

In 2009 I began sharing my music on beatport but mainly remixes, and later that year I released my first EP on Night Drive music with a remix from my good friends, Spirit Catcher.

What kind of hardwares and VSTs do you use when you are composing music?

Now I use a combination of the two with Logic as my DAW. At the moment I have the Sub37 and I also use VST bundles from NI and Arturia, but I think it all comes down to the processing in the end.

Your tracks came out under the name of the biggest companies. What was its process?

I just try to not be influenced too much by the current trends.

Did you send any of your tracks to the company or did they ask for them?

I got to know the Ellum family when I moved to Barcelona and I shared new material  with them. I sent Adam Beyer some of my unreleased and upcoming music and he wrote me back that he would like to release some on Truesoul – it was the perfect home for those tracks. With Senso, I felt honoured when Oliver Huntemann wrote me about an idea to remix a single of his upcoming album. I’ve always been a huge fan and it was a pleasure remixing his music and being part of his project.

What’s do you think going to happen to the underground electronic music in 2018?

2018 will be a very interesting year for sure, many things are happening, new trends coming in and some going out. 

What was your favorite party ever? 

Last summer I attended the best parties at The Garten in Beirut and Warung Beach Club in Brasil – incredible crowd, sound system and sunrise magic.

Have you ever been to Budapest?

No but I’m really looking forward to it, the first time is always special.

What is an ordinary week in your life like?

My day usually starts at 9 am, I play around and experiment with instruments and tools till the evening, then catch up with office stuff, emails, promos, etc.

What advice do you have for young producers? How should they start making music and promote themselves to the well known music companies?

First thing is to learn the basics like EQ-ing, mixing and try to perfect it with whatever tools you have at the moment. Buying all the hardware and software in the world will not make you a better producer, but training your ears will. I think living in this age makes this process easier with all the social media, information overload, etc. In the ’90s sending a demo sometimes meant going to the post office and mailing the music over.

Did you ever drink Pálinka or eat Goulash?

I haven’t tried them but the Goulash looks super delicious, I will try it for sure.

Who is your favorite DJ?

It’s almost impossible to narrow it down to only one DJ because there are several that influenced me growing up.

What are you working on these days?

I’m between a few projects now, a bit of ambient, some breaky stuff and of course some clubby stuff. 

What inspired you before and during the making of your music? 

At the moment my main inspiration comes from living in Barcelona and all the things it comes with from weather and food to people and travelling during the weekend for gigs.

What would you like to say to your Hungarian fans?

Looking forward to see you all on the 24th!

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