Interview with Japanese Techno Project, DRUNKEN KONG

Thanks to Be Massive and Carbon, an exciting Japanese techno project, the DRUNKEN KONG is soon to perform in Hungary (Sing Sing Music Hall, Szeged). Before they hit the stage in 10 February, read what one member of the duo, D. Singh had to say about producing music and their upcoming gig in Szeged!

When did you start writing music?

I (D. Singh) started to make music at around 2000. At first, it wasn’t techno, I was just trying to make anything that sounded good at that time. From there, I slowly got more experience and met my partner Kyoto and our project, DRUNKEN KONG came to life.

source: fb/DRUNKENKONG

When was your first release?

Our first release was at around 2006, for a friend’s label in Japan.

What kind of hardware and VSTs are you using when you are composing music?

I like to mix both hardware and VSTs. I use a lot of sounds from my hardware synths such as Roland Juno 106, Moog Sub 37, King Korg. For VSTs, I like to use a lot of Native Instruments plugins, and UAD plugins.

Your tracks came out at a big and massive label.  What was the process?

There was no actual process. It was more like to keep working hard and going out and meeting people. It takes time but for us, the important part was to keep trying.

source: fb/DRUNKENKONG

Did you send a track for the label and did they write back if they would release your track?

Yes, when a label likes the track and wants to release it, they reply. On the other hand, there were also a lot of situations when we never heard back from labels. I think it’s also luck and timing.

Did the labels ask you for only your own tracks?

It depends, but at the beginning we released mostly original tracks.

source: fb/DRUNKENKONG

What is your expectation on underground electronic music in 2018?

I think 2018 will be an exciting year. I think there will be many changes in the scene.

What was your favorite party ever? (DJ and/ or the party people)

It’s difficult to say since we always have a great time but our Tronic party during Sonar was really something memorable.  The people, the energy was just amazing with a full packed club until the very end! It still makes us smile looking back on this day.

Have you ever been to Budapest?

No, it is my first time so I am really excited about it!

What is your daily routine on an average weekday?

It really depends, but after wakin up I like to check and respond to my emails, then head straight to the studio. I like to get in the studio in the morning since my mind is still fresh and it’s easier to get inspired.

What do you advise to young producers? How should they start making music and how should they present themselves to well-known music labels?

My best advice would be to never give up. Just keep trying. Everybody goes through the stage when things are not going as expected, but you just have to keep trying. Whether it’s about production or sending music to labels.

source: fb/DRUNKENKONG

Did you ever drink Pálinka or eat Goulasch?

No, I have never tried these but they sound very interesting!!

Who is your favorite DJ?

That’s a very difficult question, there are so many amazing DJs out there!!

What are you working on now?

Currently, we are working on remixes for different artists. These will be released sometime soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

source: fb/DRUNKENKONG

What inspired you before and during the making of your music?

For the production, I like to go in without any inspiration. I like to just play around in the studio to see what comes up. One drum loop or one synth bass, anything can just inspire me.

What kind of experiences influenced you this past year?

First, we worked on our album. This was something new for us. We also had the chance to go on tour and play in new places. It was a really exciting new experience for us.

Do you have a message to your Hungarian fans?

It’s the first time we’ll play in Hungary so I am very excited to be there! We are really looking forward to enjoying the party with everyone!! Looking forward to seeing you there!