Visegrád Four New Year’s Concert with the Virtuosos

It is a tradition that the young talents of the Virtuosos give a New Year’s Concert at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. This year the young musicians are holding two concerts in one of the most prominent Hungarian concert halls, on 30 December and 1 January.

The New Year’s Day concert will be broadcasted live on Duna Television and Radio Bartók from 7.35 PM. The fact that currently Hungary is hosting the presidency of the Visegrád Four gives a special importance to the concert, as this year guest musicians from the V4 countries will perform alongside the talented young musicians of Hungary.

At the high-spirited concert, all three winners of the 3 seasons of Virtuosos: Réka Kristóf, Tamás Kökény and Dániel Ali Lugosi will share the stage for the first time. In addition to other young virtuosos, Apor Szüts and Teo Gertler, special guests from the Visegrád Four countries will also be present: Łukasz Dyczko, 18-year-old saxophonist from Poland, winner of Young Musicians Eurovision 2016, and Jan Vojtek, Czech pianist, student of Liszt Academy.

Well-known contributors of the show

Renowned Hungarian guest performers will also contribute to the performance, such as Erika Miklósa Kossuth- and Liszt-awarded opera singer, Barnabás Kelemen, Kossuth- and Liszt-awarded violinist and Lilla Horti, Junior Prima-awarded opera singer. The musical background is provided by the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, the conductor will be Kossuth- and Liszt-awarded János Kovács.

This year’s concert symbolizes that music is independent from country borders and languages as besides the musicians from the Virtuosos classical music talent show, promising young talents from the countries of the Visegrád Four will also take part.

– added Mariann Peller, licensor and producer of Virtuosos.

Along with the performers, the program also commemorates the historical and cultural heritage of the Visegrád Four: performances include the works of the greatest composers of the member countries such as Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók, Antonín Dvorák, Frédéric Chopin and Henryk Wieniawski.

In addition, the repertoire includes two works of a contemporary composer: Péter Pejtsik, winner of the 2002 Special Prix Europe Prize for the Berlin Film Festival, has written a piece that is specifically designed for this occasion and can be interpreted as a musical collage of the four countries. The work of Kossuth-awarded author Béla Kovács, Hommage á Kodály, will also be performed at the Visegrád Four New Year’s Concert with the Virtuosos.