5+1 Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

Although the essence of Christmas is to be together with our loved ones in peace and happiness, the preceding weeks might be a bit overwhelmed. 

We may feel the pressure of having to meet others’ and our own exceptations – does it sound familiar? What if this year you could celebrate Christmas in a stress-free way? Take Arena Shopping Centre’s tips and enjoy the holidays.

1. Don’t make it overcomplicated 

This statement is adequate regarding Christmas presents, decoration and food. The triggering cause of stress is that we want to do everything at once. Keep it simple: focus on one thing at a time.

Vanilla chai box by The Body Shop (6990Ft)

2. Make a list

Divide your must-do chores into 3 (or as many as you need) coloumns: Christmas presents, decoration and food. Make a list for each and put a tick next to every chore you’ve been through. It sounds old-fashioned, but believe me, it works.

XMAS sign by Zara Home (3995Ft)

3. Focus on shopping: Purchase everything in a day 

Have a dayoff from work (weekdays are preferable as the stores are less packed) and visit the major stops of your Christmas shopping with your list.

House decor (1995Ft)

4. Buy all the things at one place

It is even better if you can get hold of all the things you need at one place, such as Arena Shopping Centre. Due to the wide range of shops that can be found there, you will get presents, decoration and food, too.

Golden Christmas tree ornament by H&M (1490Ft)

5. Set the Christmas tree in time 

If the tree stands, don’t leave decorating for the last few days either. This way you’ll have time to replace any dysfunctioning string lights or broken ornaments instead of panicking on Christmas Eve.

Nightgown by Intimissimi (31990Ft)

5 + 1 Me time

In the company of scented candles, bath salts or oil, or face moisturizer, give yourself 20 minutes to relax. Even if you feel like you don’t have time for this, find some! You deserve it and it is guaranteed that you’ll work twice as effectively after the relaxing session as before.