What’s New in Budapest: 8 Places to Visit in November

Do you know what’s new in Budapest? We do. Here are the newly opened restaurants in the Hungarian capital.

Vas Manci

Located right around the corner of busy Rákóczi út, Vas Manci brings the warm flavors of the Mediterranean into the gloomy Autumn atmosphere of Budapest in the form of mouth-watering dishes. Vas Manci serves the best of Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Israeli and Tunesian cuisines, along with some tasty sweets and breezy drinks. Polli, the venue’s owner was inspired by her own travels to the region, and having spent 6 years in Valencia, she puts a strong focus on Spain’s signature tapas and bocadillo specialties.


Whether you’d drop by for a cup of coffee after a tiring day, or to surprise a loved one with a delicious cake, Sütipont has got you covered. Their main profile is making handmade buttery cookies, tea biscuits and party bites (puff pastry baskets, ‘vol au vent’ morsels) based on unique recipes. The staff of Sütipont always works with first class ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, keeping in mind those with food allergies or who follow a vegetarian diet. Their special recipes often include 100% pure, natural essential oils, such as basil, black pepper and lavender, as well as flower waters.

JM6 Bakery & Café

The neighbourhood of Jászai Mari tér is quickly becoming a little Paris inside the heart of Budapest, what with all the delicious coffee smell and the scent of freshly baked pastries permeating the air. JM6 Bakery & Café is the latest player that’s popped up on the scene, serving hedonistic cakes, sandwiches sporting surprising topping combinations and filling pastries made of natural ingredients. You can drop by here in the morning for a nice way to start your day, but their soup du jours also make a strong case for a lunchtime visit.

Spritz Bar Gozsdu

From now on, you won’t have to travel all the way to Italy for an authentic Aperol Spritz, thanks to the opening of Gozsdu Courtyard’s Spritz Bar, a youthful and fashionably designed watering hole. Besides beer delicacies like Warsteiner, draught Guinness and Hacker-Pschorr weisse beer, they also have a wide range of cocktails, with their signature drink, the Spritz Bar shot with Aperol, gin and cucumber being the venue’s most popular order. In case you get hungry, you can choose from various Italian cuts and cheeses, accompanied by giant olives and freshyl baked breads. Table reservation recommended!


Situated in the heart of the Party District, Wine&U offers a wide selection of fine Hungarian wine that you could hardly find anywhere else, procured from some 80 cellars all around the country. The cosy bar is run by a staff who not only know their wines, but love them as well. They gladly tell you stories of their favourite wine regions with glittering eyes, and then recommend you something special that they know you’ll love. The friendly service and the great wines are complemented by a delicious selection of flavorful cheeses.

FriendsOff Bar

FriendsOff is a sports pub with all the necessary ingredients: giant TVs, a great sound system, wallet-friendly prices, constant drink deals, and a swift and friendly service. The venue regularly hosts retro themed house parties, enabling you and your friends to stay the whole night if you want to, instead of having to search the whole city for a shindig. If you’re more of an intellectual type, no worries, FriendsOff also awaits you to their Monday night pub quizzes, where you can put your brains to work for valuable drink prizes.

Bambu Restaurant

Located a nice public transport trip away from the center in a quaint neighbourhood, Bambu meshes together Asian and Hungarian culinary tastes and serves dishes made strictly from ingredients delivered from the fields. Bambu’s farm-to-table concept ensures that you are served fresh, healthy and tasty meals, whatever the season. The menu ranges from pho and tom yam soup to turkey Brassó roast with zucchini, pad thai and tapioca pudding with mango and coconut. Let go of familiar flavors and try something completely new at Bambu!


Taste the spicy flavors of the Balkans on the main street of gastronomy: tiny Cevap Grill is situated on the cosmopolitan Ráday utca, serving the most beloved dishes of Hungary’s southern neighbors. Authentic charcoal grilled flavors, delicious ajvar, and freshly baked rustic lepinja breads guarantee the Balkan experience. The menu covers all the simple culinary joys of southern Slavic cuisine: cevap, pljeskavica and sausages. If you love the taste of barbecued meat and fresh produces, your place is at Cevap Grill.