Living Picture Theatre: THE CARPET

The Carpet calls you for a pilgrimage deep into the desert, into a ruined city, into the particular rose garden of the black women. The performance that can be experienced by four spectators at the same time leads you gently and meditatively through visual and conceptual visions – images, texts and tangible set elements – into deeper and deeper layers of reality emerging from the motives of an oriental carpet.

The performance on the occasion of the Day of the Dead may be a personal remembrance for all participants. In the Sufi philosophy – which has inspired the performance – it is believed that anyone who dies, enters into a wedding with eternity. And the aim of our pilgrimage is exactly to get to the wedding of a soul with eternity, and to think a little about life in the light of death and re-live the farewell of a lost beloved one during the journey.

We walk through the sand dunes of the desert. The heat is unbearable, as the sun stands at the highest point in the sky. She proceeds before me with measured and even steps, but I fall behind. With the light of the scorching sun in my eyes, her figure multiplies before me. I am on the verge of swooning. I am incapable of taking another step. My guide turns back, but in the place of her face, I see a screeching mask of stone. “Step into the circle of fire”, she commands me silently. I am filled with mortal fear; yet, I step onto the red area of the carpet.

– quotation from The Carpet

One of the main features of The Carpet is the limited number of the spectators in order to make it possible not only to watch but also to touch the set elements of the performance, which may also speak by touching them. We recommend our performance for those who are interested in the Eastern culture, and who willingly participate in a meditative journey through the desert as a contemplative member of a four-member company. The tour starts in every hour.

Performances in English are held on 5 November 2017, at 10 and 11 am.

Ticket price is 2500 HUF.

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Address: 1071 Budapest, Bethlen tér 3.


Phone: +36-1-3427163, +36-30-4563885