Do You Enjoy Fear? Visit Budapest’s Horror House

There is a place in Budapest where you can overcome your biggest fears only if you dare to face them. Last week we went to Nightmare in Budapest, an interactive horror house to experience the allegedly most horrifying show in the city.

The Hungarian capital’s horror house can be found in the popular VII district, right on the corner of Nagy Diófa Street and Rákóczi Avenue. Although it took us a few minutes to notice their billboard, it felt like as if finding the basement-located place was already part of the show. Entering the venue from the sunny street the gloom of the cellar promptly accelerated my pulse. While we were asked to leave all our belongings in a locker (including jewellery and of course mobile phones so that they won’t be torn or ripped off of us) looking around I felt like I was in the real-life scene of horror movies which there is no escape from. Not being the biggest fan of scary movies, I had already been given goose bumps before the show was even started. Upon entering the field we were reminded that the inhabitants of the house may be touching us and would definitely try to separate us, which resulted in me being afraid of my own shadow.


Against my worries I entered the house clinging into my colleague: we found ourselves in a red-lighted study room. I was just about to get it together when the one-eyed creature sitting behind the desk scolded us for not saying hi as we had set foot in his territory, which felt horrifying in that situation. From this point on all I could think about was get out of here. In the next three minutes, which felt like three hours, we needed to complete a task to continue our way into the horror house that almost resulted in me having one of my fingers cut off with an axe after which we were chased by a saw into a completely dark room at which point my nerves gave up on me, so I finished the game being scared to death. And all this happened in three minutes. I can’t even imagine what the next 25 minutes would have been like if I had been brave enough to keep on going.

I’m a coward. Are you?

If you feel you dare to visit Budapest’s scariest horror house, head to Nightmare in Budapest and don’t forget to tell us how it was. They are open 12.00-22.00, Tuesday to Sunday.