Hungarian Folk Food Selection

We, Hungarians are so proud of our cuisine – we think of it as the very best in the whole wide world – that you need to taste at least one or two dishes during your stay. Be prepared to try not-so-usual dishes, don’t worry though, it’s worth the risk.

Magyar QTR

If you’re looking for a truly authentic gastronomic experience during your stay in Budapest, Magyar QTR restaurant should definitely be on your list! Located right next to the gently flowing river, this prestigious place presents the taste of the simple Hungarian luxury food! With more than 70 different kinds of local artisan wine brands, a huge selection of the famous, traditionally made fruit spirits – known as pálinka – and a series of brilliant dishes, the popular spot will sweep you off your feet! Visit Magyar QRT and enjoy the great atmosphere completed by the gorgeous panorama of the Danube and the beautiful Gellért hill, while stuffing your belly full with meticulously prepared dishes and sipping the best Hungarian potions.

Lángos Papa

Hungarians do eat some weird stuff: just think of the juicy stuffed cabbage or the world-renowned ‘pörkölt’ with its spicy, greasy texture. Many foreigners refuse the mere idea of diving deep into the local cuisine – however, there are some traditional meals that proved to be irresistible by many visitors from all around the world: one of them is lángos, the piece of bread dough baked in oil! Situated along Andrássy út, Lángos Papa awaits you with the real authentic taste of the special pastry, prepared just the way we like it! If you’re wandering around the downtown area, marvelling at the city’s architectural beauties, it’s worth dropping by this cute joint and taste the most delicious lángos in town!

Terv Presszó

Nested in downtown Budapest, located just a stone’s throw away from Deák tér, one of the must-visit gastronomic spots of the Hungarian capital has been around for quite a while now. The history of this much acclaimed, friendly place draws a long way back: it was first opened in 1945, then soon became one of the favourite hangouts of local artists and writers, and nowadays, the charming joint keeps dazzling its guests with real Hungarian dishes and authentic flavours you simply can’t miss out on. Visit Terv Presszó to taste the marvellous goulash served in a cauldron, chicken paprikás, and beef stew with homemade dumplings and enjoy each and every bite while admiring the retro feeling that lingers around!

Tulipán Bistro

Besides exploring the city’s historical and cultural sights, it is absolutely worth discovering the region’s most famous traditional savours, when visiting the Hungarian capital. Located right in the heart of Budapest, Tulipán Bistro, derived from the Hungarian equivalent of tulip, has been attentively serving its guests with many wonderful meals since 1964. You can enjoy the finest authentic dishes of the country in a cosy, homely atmosphere: the menu consists of a series of delicious and special courses accompanied by a line of the most renowned and highly praised potions of local wineries. The interior design creates a unique ambience, hallmarking the veracity of the authentic place.


Located in the heart of the city, Vágódeszka (aka chopping board) will make you fall in love with the tastes of traditional Hungarian cuisine. Transforming the famous sausage – that locals call ‘kolbász’ – into the modern era with a mouth-watering twist, this joint will be your next favourite in town. Visit Vágódeszka and try their special Robuci that combines their wonderful homemade lecsó with the kolbász of your choice. The wide range of delicious meals will satisfy fast food enthusiasts and those who are curious about Hungarian flavours alike. Drop by the friendly restaurant located just a stone’s throw away from St. Stephen’s Basilica and Arany János utca, and enjoy the traditional bites prepared in a special way!


Lecsó, referring to the special Hungarian ratatouille, opened back in 2008 to give you a real taste of the authentic local cuisine and its traditional dishes. During the day, it’s a self-service buffet, a charming eatery that could be the perfect spot for a rich lunch during the busy weekdays, with close to 40 meals, a daily menu consisting of 3 kinds of soup and 3 types of goulash, as well as many freshly prepared fish or pasta dishes – plus, of course, their mouth-watering lecsó! After 7 PM, you can choose from the hundred traditional dishes of their impressive menu, all of them coming in great and tasteful portions. Lecsó was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor – and it’s surely worth a visit!