A Visit to Hababa’s Colorful World

To be honest, it’s quite difficult not to go into Hababa Store, especially if you’re an art and fashion enthusiast. It looks rather big for a designer shop: the spacious, bright and airy inner place presents a colourful world that is completely irresistible, even if you just happen to be passing by the store window.

Stepping through the door, a friendly atmosphere welcomes everyone, along with the nicely attentive shop assistants, offering a glass of cold lemonade on humid summer days – which was a truly nice surprise. I only became more fascinated by the awesome spot after having a chat with the owners.

Hababa Designer Store and Gallery is a unique showroom with a progressive approach, presenting carefully selected local and western designer brands, vintage and second hand pieces. Besides the fabulous items, you can also find a picture and a short description of their creators – that actually makes shopping here a special, much more intimate experience. The owners also aimed to promote young, ambitious talents, so you can find the works of less known Hungarian designers. The store is also an art venue and often makes a home for workshops and exhibitions.

Their selection is, without a doubt, impressive: you can find a wide range of styles, from the more extreme works to vintage or second hand stuff, and fast fashion items you could see nowhere else in the country. According to Hababa’s philosophy, we need clothes from all of these categories: you can’t only wear designer pieces all the time, there is a place in the wardrobe for fast fashion or second hand dresses, too.

It was love at first sight for us, make sure you don’t miss out on the Hababa experience, either!