Araz Presents: BBQ Garden Party Downtown

What do we love the most in having garden parties? Is it the smell of the roasting meat, the company, the all night long chatting or the warm weather? Probably all of them. However, the main reason why we are so obsessed with them is the delicious BBQ dishes.

Thanks to ARAZ, we can be part of an authentic garden party experience: the terrace of the downtown-based restaurant turns into the scene of enchanting BBQ garden parties every Thursday. Not only the guests of the Continental Hotel Budapest can enjoy these nights, but the locals are invited as well.

With the help of ARAZ we can enjoy the unique atmosphere of garden parties without the stress the organization of a party comes with. The concept of the BBQ nights is simple: after having paid a fix amount of money, you are free to consume as much food and craft beer as you feel like for two hours. With the fancy welcome drink called “Bellini by ARAZ” that consists of champagne, gin, peach juice and ginger, the good mood of the guests is guaranteed. After the first sip of the cocktail, you won’t be able to stop drinking it. In addition, their homemade lemonade is also a splendid gastronomic adventure.

The terrace of ARAZ, which can be reached by walking through the elegant restaurant, includes a huge covered area where guests can sit in case of bad weather. The grill oven is in the centre of the place behind which two talented chefs are cooking the dishes the mouth-watering smell of which is circulating in the air. The live music also adds to the charm of the party: a DJ provides the best Latin songs during the evening, giving a soft background noise for dinner-talks.

After the unforgettable welcome drink, guests can choose from a wide range of starters and soups inside. You should definitely try the Cold Avocado Seasoned Cucumber Soup with Roasted Peanuts, while it is also hard to resist the American Cabbage Salad or the BBQ Bean Salad with Fried Californian Pepper. Although the starters might be attractive, don’t forget that the best part of the dinner is just about to come.

That is the unlimited grilled dishes. Among others you can try Chicken Breast Marinated in Yogurt and Chilli, Ginger BBQ Pork Ribs and Rosemary-Garlic Branzino Filet. At ARAZ you can even turn into a chef making your own hamburger. Try the Homemade Beef Hamburger: get the meat from the chefs, then fill your bun with vegetables and sauces at the buffet table. It’s up to you what to put into your hamburger, so feel free to let your imagination run wild. No matter how creative you are, the delicious beef burger meat will be the highlight of your meal anyway.

Among the side dishes many other delicacies can be found. It is worth spending a few minutes in front of the bowls checking all of ARAZ’s offers. Remember not to miss the Piquant Roasted Vegetables with Maple Syrup and the Salty Coriander American Pancakes. Last but not least, desserts are the ones that make the evening outstanding. The chef, Áron Barka has been working with ARAZ from the very beginning, so it’s no wonder why the restaurant gives him their full credit. Áron thrives the most when it comes to desserts. It is simply impossible not to taste Lemon Cheese Cake and Peanut Butter Blondie Cup Cream with Raspberry Ragout. The latter is the true superstar of the evening: the softly sour raspberry is in perfect harmony with the smooth and sweet peanut butter.

To taste all the dishes of the BBQ grill party at once is an impossible mission, however, it may not be a problem after all. At least, we have one more reason to return to ARAZ.