Funzine Insider – Our Favourite Summer Places

In our new series three members of FUNZINE including native Budapestians and others who have lived here for some time will share their favourite places to go to and things to do in the city every month. This time you can see the hints of our editor-in-chief, Cinti along with two of our editors.


Cinti’s Hints

My favourite place this month: Hivatal

“My favourite summer place is Hivatal, to be more precise its terrace, at Madách Square. This spot is the unique fusion of an urban café and a laid-back pub with easy-going waiters serving a wide range of beer, rum, lemonade and coffee – if you ask me, the latter is one of the bests in Budapest. As a regular visitor, I always bump into some old friends of mine and chat for hours while sipping beer under the parasols. There’s no doubt that this is the perfect place to chill in the middle of the city.”

My favourite thing to do this month: Walking home at dawn

“Imagine that it’s the end of the party, so you start to walk home while the sun is rising behind Buda hills. It doesn’t matter that it is early in the morning, you’re not cold. You’re barefoot on Bartók Béla Road and Liberty Bridge trilling summer hits you’ve been dancing to a few minutes ago. This is my favourite thing to do in the summer.”

Peti’s Hints

My favourite place this month: Veranda

“Although Kopaszi-gát is not usually among the most popular touristic sights in Budapest, it is well worth visiting. Mainly because this is the place at which I’ve had the most delicious pizza of my life. For me, there is no more pleasant thing to do in the summer than having a flavoursome lunch at Veranda Restaurant’s shady terrace. The restaurant offers mainly Mediterranean dishes among which I highly recommend you to try Pizza Four Staggioni. After the abundant course I like to take a long walk around the area.”

My favourite thing to do this month: Working out at Margaret Island

“FINA World Championships is not the only reason you should go to Margaret Island this July. One of the best running tracks in the city can be found there as well, which you will enjoy running on while worshipping the view of both Buda and Pest. No wonder that locals also like to use the facilities in the street workout park close to Margaret Bridge. There is no place more beautiful to do some pull ups and head to toes than this urban island.”

Dolli’s Hints

My favourite place this month: fekete

“This hidden gem of the fifth district awaits you with high quality coffee of all kinds, mouth-watering breakfast dishes and delicious cakes. The laid-back atmosphere makes me return all the time when I crave for caffeine or yummy treats. During the warm months you can have your coffee and cake outside in the middle of an urban building, which makes the experience even better.”

My favourite thing to do this month: Going on a picnic

“Summer mornings have this unique, hard-to-describe vibe: they are pleasingly warm and calm, perfect for a picnic outside. Fortunately, you can go on a picnic at several places in Budapest – Liberty Bridge in the weekends, Margaret Island and Fűvészkert are among the best picnic spots in town. I encourage you to do it alone: make some sandwiches and eat them in the nearby park before going to work. It will for sure refill your batteries.”