Make an Ad for FUNZINE: Apply to the Tender of Budapest Film Academy

FUNZINE teams up with Budapest Film Academy and ELTE University to find the most ambitious young filmmakers. You can apply to the tender in two categories: write a script or make a short viral video about FUNZINE magazin!

Now you have a chance to go behind the scenes and take part in the making of an ad: use your talent and creativity to write the script of a video that could easily become viral. The best idea will be carried into execution by the help of Budapest Film Academy’s students, what’s more, the winner can have a chance to enroll to the script writer course, beginning in September,  for free! In the second category, you’re expected to make a short video – 30 sec  to 1 min long – and if yours appear to be the best, you can enroll to the prestigious school’s director course! The deadline is 1 September, find further details on BFA’s website!

Here are a couple of videos to give you some inspiration: