Mittersisters: The Ultimate DIY Experience

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled through life without any practical skills. While many people can change a flat tire, put together a not too complicated piece of furniture, or sew up a button – I usually just stand there, thinking how marvellous it must be, to be able to take care of stuff.

Well, with these unavailing hands of mine, I stepped into the workshop of Mittersisters and within less than 3 hours I figured: Besides making up fictitious worlds and imaginary characters, I am capable of creating useful things, after all.

When we were invited to participate – i.e. to make a bag with the help of the Mittersisters’ designers – everyone in our office looked at me, completely puzzled: knowing my history of breaking mugs, dropping things and just being a clumsy person in general, the only question they asked me point-blank: You mean, you are going to make a bag…?

There are certain experiences in life, not necessarily fateful things, you tend to remember for a long time: I can still recall my first encounter with a piano, or how it felt to touch the strange looking black and white instrument. I’m pretty sure I will remember the workshop that made me realise that I wasn’t too impractical, that I can cut out a piece of leather, keep up with the measurements, put some glue here and there, use a hammer to smooth the edges out, and do all that without feeling pressured, awkward or frustrated with the result. I enjoyed every bit of the workshop because A, it offered tons of fun B, because our helper, Róza Anna Mitter was so patient and kind that even me, the black sheep of all art classes, felt enthusiastic and excited about drawing another line, cutting another shape out, then assembling the pieces in complete amazement.

Of course, the bag turned out to be gorgeous. But what’s even greater is the fact that as you go through the process, you get to see how all the small details unfold and turn into something marvelous. My efforts were as fruitful as they can possibly be!

If you would like to experience the thrill of creation, topped with the stylish touch of fashion trends, sign up for the next Mittersisters workshop and get a glimpse of the cool world of designers! You may want to follow their Fb page to learn about special events, and visit their website for dates of the various open enrollment or customized workshops and courses.