Style Icons at EFOTT – Whose Outfit Would You Wear?

Do you prefer blue jeans with a loose T-shirt and your favourite Converse or unique festival disguise? Girl-next-door look or an extravagant outfit? Not only their taste in music, but the style of the festival-goers is distinct as well, not to mention that of the musicians at EFOTT. Let’s see the best outfits we’ve seen at EFOTT so far.

The Fearless

There are plenty of musicians, who are to give concerts at EFOTT in July, known for their bold style choices. Péterfy Bori is definitely one of the most popular ones: we have seen her wearing sequin pants and phosphorescent patchwork cape as well. She looked stunning in both. Pásztor Anna also likes to wear something special:

“There are no rules at a festival. I can be an UFO, an indian and a samurai all at once. I bring a suitcase full of clothes to all of my concerts just to be able to dress for my mood” – says the singer of Anna and the Barbies. “I’m preparing for the upcoming festival season with exciting outfits. I’ll even have clothes printed in 3D! However, there is one oufit I never leave home without: latex high heeled shoes, a size XXL top which I wear as a dress, and a pair of leggings. You can even change the world with these.”

The Representative

There are musicians who prefer to represent their musical style through their looks, too. The Ivan and the Parazol boys couldn’t deny that the beat and rock’n’roll music stole their hearts – they not only play the music of the ’60s of America, but dress as if they lived a few decades ago. Leather buckle, long coats and cylinder – the musicians of Paddy and the Rats may as well come from an Irish pub to the stage.

The Influencers

Would you wear a pair of jeans with a shirt, a tie, sneakers and full cap? Fluor Tomi and Diaz from Wellhello did. And they did it right. The members of Hurts are also well-known for their extraordinary style.

The Eclectic

There are bands who take you to a whole new world: Belga and Soerii & Polek are like this. While the members of Belga like to wear knee-high socks and knitted beanies all year round, Soerii & Poolek boys prefer to appear in wigs and colorful leggings.

The Cool Boys

The kings of r’n’b and hiphop don’t only cross the line with their music, but with their appearance as well. We couldn’t even recognize Sean Paul without his loose clothes and shiny jewellery. We’re also sure that the British cool guy, Tinie Tempah‘s outfit will be as laid-back at EFOTT as it has always been.

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