The Pioneer of Wine Bar Culture

We visited one of the city’s hidden gems that was voted the most beautiful wine bar of Budapest.

Doblo was originally operated as a wine shop of the Jewish district, afterward it became one of the first wine bars in Hungary. It has been successful ever since. Although the constant developments and the friendly atmosphere both contribute to its thriving; the workers are the ones that make Doblo highly exceptional. Four of them shared with us the best memories and experiences they gained during their time in Doblo.

Dani and his Tom Hanks-included story

On a typical spring day, Dani, the bartender of Doblo, was doing his job when Tom Hanks walked in with Ron Howard and others asking for a table. They came to Doblo to celebrate the director’s birthday during the filming of Inferno. They had a fabulous time, since one of the most important things a bartender at Doblo is expected to do is make sure that all the guests enjoy their time seamlessly, exactly what Dani did that day.

The love story of Adri & Marci

When Marci applied for a bartender position in Doblo last October, he didn’t expect to find the love of his life all at once. Luckily, he got admitted and started to fell for the girl who interviewed him called Adri. They haven’t even admitted that they had feelings for each other, when their co-workers started to encourage both of them to take the first step. It was during a wine-filled evening they kissed first. Since then, they moved in together and couldn’t be happier.

Ricsi, the one who always returns

Although Ricsi, the bartender of Doblo, has worked all over Europe, he is sure that there is no place like Doblo. Friendly environment, independency, self-development, exceptional hospitality management – these are the main reasons he returns to Doblo year by year.

Gergő’s transition from dishwasher boy into manager

Gergő’s story of success is intertwined with that of Doblo’s: they started off, thrived and earned the reputation of the profession together. His carrier in the wine bar started six years ago; first he had to do the dishes and make tapas in the kitchen, then, with the help of Dávid, the owner of Doblo, he climbed the career ladder. Today he is the manager of Doblo passing on what he has learnt during the years. As Gergő put it, anything can happen in Doblo; working there is as exciting as visiting as a guest.