Summer Yeshi: A Taste of Asian Street Food

Yeshi, literally meaning ‘Night Market’, is a food fair popular all over Asia, especially in the area of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, bringing many independent kitchen stalls together to present far more Asian street food bites than you could imagine. What’s more, you don’t have to fly to China for this exotic experience!

Just go and visit Budapest Chinatown: the annual summer Yeshi at Chinatown awaits you with 10 stalls and a spacious marquee every night throughout the summer season from 5pm till midnight. Budapest Chinatown is not only a business and trading center, but also the Asian Food District with 9 Asian restaurants and 5 Asian specialty grocers, where local Chinese communities eat and shop on a daily basis. If you would like to find the most authentic Asian food and specialties, this is your place to be!

Here is a selected list of what Chinatown Yeshi offers:
● Bao
○ Steamed buns stuffed with juicy pork in bamboo basket
● Kaochuan
○ Charcoal grilled skewers (lamb, vegetables,tofu, seafood,etc.)
● Tieban Shao:
○ Teppanyaki (meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu, etc.)
● MaLa Xiangguo
○ Aromatic hot wok (meat, seafood, vegetables,etc.)
● Haixian Daka:
○ Seafood Supreme mix plate
● Lanzhou ramen
○ Lanzhou beef ramen
● Naicha:
○ Bubble tea (with tapioca balls)

Where : 1107 Budapest, Jegenye u. 30 (behind the glass shops)