„Let music be for everyone!”

Concert on the balcony, a brass band, a saxophone quartet evoking nostalgic feelings, a carillon, a string-quartet playing in period dresses, the folk music of Transylvania – you just have to walk along the streets of Budapest to stumble upon these outstanding musical experiences. The Town of Music program series awaits you with a wide range of phenomenal productions this year, too.

Music is nothing else but the soul winging its way through the world, purely and freely. Just like dancing, painting or architecture – and every other forms of art, in fact – music connects many people across the globe, brings us all closer to each other. Music is all around us: it really is a part of our everyday life, just like the singing of birds or the noises of the busy city. The special program series aims to show each and every passer-by that music is a natural phenomenon that comes to life by the desire, joy and sadness we all feel from time to time, therefore it does belong to all of us, tells our stories, touches our hearts. Back in 2015, the concept of this amazing vision was born: by the free mini concerts all over the city, everyone can experience the miracle of music. It soon became a tradition in the Hungarian capital and this year, we’re going to have a chance again to hear the enchanting melodies performed by a number of outstanding musicians.

The echoing tunes will revive the different parts of the city, recalling long gone times and the past of buildings, stories of people and fates. Connecting the dazzling sounds with a stunning view, these magnificent moments will definitely leave you speechless. The repertoire includes anonymous Hungarian poets as well as world-famous composers. On 13 locations, you can hear a wide range of genres that will transform even the most ordinary day in the city into a truly special one. For some time, every simple street corner can turn into the most gorgeous concert hall where everyone can enjoy the incredible gift of music: couples having their first date, housewives on their way home, students going to the museum or a group of Japanese tourists – whatever you do, whoever you are and however you feel, these concerts can be your oasis of peace in the everyday chaos.

The program series’ new addition is a line of concerts in the Várkert Bazár: the organizers decided to invite artists that many people wouldn’t be able to afford to see on stage otherwise. This is the other pillar of the whole idea: “Let music be for everyone!” – as Zoltán Kodály said.

For further details, dates and locations of the full programme, visit their Facebook page!