Budapest Dreams Of Sushi

Jiro Ono, the world’s greatest sushi chef said that “ The most important part of making good sushi is this: Creating a union between the rice and the fish.” This sounds simple, but it takes years of dedication, practice and enthusiasm to achieve it. No wonder this this seemingly uncomplicated foodstuff has conquered the world, and stole the heart of Budapest too.

Ennmann Japanese Restaurant

Budapest abounds with special places inviting you to embark on wonderful gastronomic adventures. If you’re a fan of the ever so popular colourful Japanese cuisine, or you’re looking for new and exciting tastes to try, we found your next favourite spot in town! Located just a few steps from Batthyány tér, Ennmann Japanese Restaurant awaits you with a wide range of splendid meals and spicy bites of the Asian country. Besides the amazing dishes and friendly atmosphere, – you definitely don’t want to miss out on their sushi, for it is one of the best ones in town – you can enjoy the picturesque view of the gently flowing Danube and the marvellous building of the Parliament.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

„The traditional sushi is fermented pickled rice with fish, preserved with salt. It comes from Southeast Asia, where it is still extremely popular. The word sushi itself actually means: it is sour.” – And where can you taste the world-famous bite? Located in the picturesque scenery of Rózsadomb on the Buda side, Fuji Japanese Restaurant offers the most authentic flavours of the Asian country. They await you with a wide range of enticing dishes, made of high quality ingredients with the professional skills of their Japanese chef: try the most exiting items on their renewed menu, or the mouth-watering daily specialties, while enjoying the unique atmosphere!

Planet Sushi – Now on the Buda Side!

Planet Sushi opened its second restaurant in May on the Buda side at Allee Shopping Center with a totally new interior design. The restaurant has a big patio, lounge terrace and two elegant and shiny floors. The modern decoration, comfortable chairs, separated tatamis and the beautiful food presentation provide an exciting atmosphere in the restaurant. Planet Sushi represents quality: the wide range of meals include maki rolls, hot makis, traditional main dishes and lovely desserts. If you are not a big sushi fan, you don’t need to worry as you can find delicious ramen soups, pastas and rice dishes on the menu, too.

Tokio Restaurant

Tokio represents the vibes and lights of this energetic, loud city in the heart of the Hungarian capital, within the confines of an extraordinary restaurant. Their executive chef picked the best flavours of Japan and Thailand, and recreated them in a modern and popular way to fascinate local and foreign guests alike. Following the Asian family style of service, you can share and enjoy all of the dishes on the table in this stylish joint. Besides their special dishes, they also put emphasis on the bar, with one of a kind cocktail creations, sakes, and a fine Japanese whisky selection, reflecting their passion for Asia.


Awaiting you at three locations across Budapest, the best all you can eat and drink restaurant located in the heart of the city offers you not only a wide range of Hungarian but international meals, too. Among their many splendid courses, Trófea Grill Restaurant is happy to please those guests who prefer to consume fish dishes, as well: they serve several types of grilled fish and mixed fish plates with sushi. One of the favourite types is the salmon sushi which is prepared by the traditional Japanese technique and recipe, preserving the authentic feel and taste. – And you can enjoy all of these in a laid-back environment, for fixed prices with unlimited consumption!


The Wasabi brand has been conquering our senses since their first restaurant was opened in 2004. In the past 12 years, they have flourished the country’s gastro life with three more additions: one in Podmaniczky utca, one in MOM Park and another in the Great Hungarian Plain’s largest city, Debrecen. Wasabi does not only strive for excellence, it is the allegory of perfect service combined with carefully designed courses. The newest addition to the Wasabi family is located in downtown’s Hercegprímás utca and it truly lives up to the name of its predecessors. The running sushi joint offers more than just a fine line up of specialties, it’s the love affair of curious guests and the delicious bites of the oriental cuisine.

Sushi Sei Restaurant

Located in the peaceful environment of Óbuda’s Bécsi út, right next to Kolosy tér, Sushi Sei awaits you with a wide range of Japan’s most sensational tastes. If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, longing for a plate of lickerish sushi, or feeling adventurous to try some special dishes, you’ll find all that you’re looking for in one of the finest Japanese restaurants in town. With a great service and carefully prepared meals, Sushi Sei combines traditional flavours with innovative techniques, bringing the authentic recipes into the modern era. The stylish restaurant offers a relaxing ambience: leave the noises of the city behind and enjoy the unique culinary experience that this place provides.

Nobu Budapest

Nobu Budapest located in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is the first Central European member of the avant-garde Japanese restaurant chain started by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro. Head Chef Gábor Schreiner is in charge of presenting Japanese- Peruvian flavours in Nobu-style and adding unique Hungarian touches to the menu, such as foie gras with seared salmon, which are served alongside Nobu’s world famous signature dishes like black cod in miso. Check out their menu and seasonal offers on the Nobu website!