This is the Place Where You Want to Say ’I Do’

Saying ’I do’ to the right person is one of the most important moments of our lives. That day needs to be perfect – that’s why we start to organize it in advance, invite all our loved ones, choose the wedding dress and the perfect place to celebrate carefully. We have found that place for you, this is Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa.

There are four classical elements, earth, air, fire and water – Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa was named after the fifth one, the spirit. The colour of purple is known to symbolise spiritualism, it is not surprising, therefore, that this colour is frequent in the hotel’s interior design. The spherical-shaped building was furnished according to Feng Shui principles creating a special, oriental atmosphere that is full of harmony.

Although the five-star hotel has always been popular among both national and international visitors (the number of awards it won over the years, such as the Best Destination Spa 2010 or the World Travel Awards 2014, says a lot about its good reputation), it’s not been known so far as a possible wedding venue.

Spirit Hotel Will Organize Everything for You

Spirit Hotel offers all the comforts one could long for: you can stay in a room with round bed and Jacuzzi, or in a 175-squaremeter big presidential suite; after you have jumped in 22 different pools and Jacuzzis, you can relax in infra-, ice- or aroma saunas.

The wedding couple may want to arrive a few days before the big day to recharge their batteries. While the fiancées enjoy the hotel’s beauty treatments including facial and bio massage, the fiancés can spend some time in the gym, or get a massage. The professional hairstylist and makeup artist will make sure that both members of the couple is in their best shapes for the wedding day.

Their stage-included hall can host 500 guests and serves as a perfect wedding venue. As far as the meals are concerned, the finest dishes will amaze both the newly-weds and their guests. The hotel’s chefs use the ingredients of nearby producers and succeed in cooking healthy and unforgettable meals.

Surprise the Couple

You were invited to a wedding, and have no idea what to give the wedding couple as a gift? Spirit Hotel got you covered. They offer several gift cards with two or three-night stays, or you can even create your own to fit the needs of the marrying couple.